Sunday, March 1, 2009

whats been happening lately...

friday night we went out to the blue room with several friends for some drinks and darts. dan got a new set of darts for christmas and he was anxious to show them off. yesterday i went and got a massage at an organic spa in burbank. jeremy bought me the gift certificate for my birthday and it was wonderful. i spent some time in the quiet room drinking spa water and eating strawberries, then got a swedish massage (including hot stones which i have never had before) for an hour before spending some time in the sauna and then coming home. while i was gone jeremy did all the dishes, took the stove apart to kill the roaches living in it (disgurting? yes! but i cant help that i have dirty neighbors...), and cleaned the shower. he is amazing. so we did some laundry and spent time at home. today we stage managed at church then headed straight out to pasadena for owen's first birthday party. we played and watched him open a few presents then headed to the park. he sat in the swing for a while but his favorite thing was the parachute!

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