Sunday, March 8, 2009

cake class #4

at class this week we made a purdy cake. i actually remembered all my fgear, which made class way less stressful. last week having to borrow tips and bags from everyone else made me feel stupid for forgetting everything. last week i was the one about the cry the whole time, this week it was caras turn. like manny told gaby, "this class is supposed to be relaxing not stressful!" being prepared definitely made all the difference for me. that and a full night of sleep. :D
we learned a special kind of lace that is often used on wedding cakes. i kept calling it chantilly lace but thats not the right name. i cant remember it. i still had trouble with the crumb coating business. i think it is going to take some practice (and maybe some better baking skills) to get that under control. after we did the lace on the sides and the top, we learned a new kind of flower that i hate. they were supposed to be chyrsanthemums but mine did not turn out looking anything like that. no one in the group really liked these - i think we all preferred the roses we learned last week. next week we are skipping but the week after is royal icing and only making flowers - no cake. im excited.

the final product - including all my mums, and one of the teacher's. hers is in the middle. it wasnt until my final one that mine looked anything like hers, including the ones i threw out and didnt put on the cake. i really like making leaves though! we also used filling in this cake so that was fun. you make a moat of frosting so the filling doesnt escape down the sides. kim had a blackberry leak on hers... it was kinda funny.

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