Wednesday, February 23, 2011

birthday madness

for my birthday, which we had off, we decided to paint baby k's room. jeremy went in the morning and bought supplies. After puttying several holes in wall, we left the apartment to run some errands and let the mud dry. jeremy went to guitar center while i availed myself of the services of the nail salon next door. after a pedicure and a new guitar, we went to a great thai place down the street. by the time we got home it was time to paint!

i taped off the borders and jeremy prepped everything else. he mixed and poured the paint and we got to work. i was able to sit on the floor and paint a large portion of the edges and bottom of the wall while jeremy edged the ceiling.we finished about two hours later in the nick of time. it was time to get cleaned up and head to the hospital for our first of a series of four birthing classes. this one was an intro to everything, a review of a lot of info that we knew, and learning some breathing and relaxation techniques. im thinking that if labor involves this much deep breathing and back massage that it can't possibly be as bad as everyone says! ;)

in celebration of my 27th birthday, here is a pregnancy picture. now everyone can stop bugging me about it for at least another week or so...
for the record, here is how pregnant i looked when i entered my late twenties. 32 weeks and 5 days along. also how pretty baby's room is after we finished with the safari green paint job.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

aerogardening again

after one week, almost all of my plants are blooming. 
the cilantro is going nuts! in a few more weeks we will have yummy fresh herbs to cook with! this is especially nice considering how cold and snowy this winter has been. just seeing grreen things growing makes me happy.

valentine's celebration

for valentines day we made chocolate lollipops for everyone at work. it was my first time making candies by myself (although jeremy helped) and it was fun. i missed my girlfriends though! baby k had a good time too. he's starting to get in the way a little bit though. :)
i made yummy mahi mahi, roasted fingerling potatoes and veggies for valentines dinner. you can see from the box on the counter i cheated a little bit on dessert.tjs makes a much better tartlet than i do though.
we ate on the china then played wii. CLASSY, huh?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 weeks - feb 2

this was me one week ago. lovely picture, huh? 30 weeks - 75% done cooking the little guy. i'm wearing my new pregnancy red sox shirt. im not sure when baseball season starts but if it starts before the middle of april then i am all set. i have horrible posture and my hair is funky (and jeremy is not the best photographer ever - he doesnt even count to three!) but for all you guys who have been bugging me about bump pictures this ought to satisfy you for a little while longer. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

concert in the casino

a couple of weekends ago ryan and stephanie drove down on saturday. david nail was playing a show at the mohegan sun casino on saturday night. our amazing friend justin was able to reserve us a table for a really fantastic show. it was way better than the first time we saw david play (when anna was here in october).
the band was having a good time and the crowd was waaaay into it. several people didnt stop dancing the entire time. we took it easy and sat. i enjoyed a virgin margarita. it was almost as good as the real thing. the baby liked the sourness of it though!

we did a little gambling - i put $5 into a penny slot machine and walked away with $18 and stephanie killed at the blackjack table. the boys werent as lucky. it was really really fun and great to see people that we dont get to see very often - justin, ryan and steph.

i still think it is a little bit lame that i see justin about three times more often than anna but i was able to send her a care package home with him.

seeing a great concert with friends is definitely a great way to spend a saturday night!

wii are fitter?

i've been trying to get on the wii fit for at least 30 mins five times a week. there was a week of vacation, and two weekends of moving and many other wonderful excuses for why i didnt get to all of it. but i did pretty darn good anyways:

see how chubby my mii is? there is no way to put in that i am pregnant, so at least twice a week the little scale guy asks me if i know why i am gaining weight. "growing a human being" isnt a choice, so i always pick eating too much. :)

baby k's bed

although we havent gotten his actual bedding yet, we had some of the extra pieces and now that we are in a bigger apartment, we set everything up. it is just too cute. so far the cats have been supremely uninterested in the crib (they love the spare bed in baby's room though).

the little forest creatures are adorable and we've found tons of our old stuffed animals as we've been unpacking stuff for storage. there is still a TON of work to do in there before he is all set, but i can rest easy knowing that if something crazy happens and he appears early, he has a place to sleep. he won't have much else, but it is something. cute, huh?