Sunday, March 1, 2009

cake class #3: the book

we started by taking a regular 9x13 cake and cutting pieces off to make the pages of the book. my cake was completely falling apart and i was insanely frustrated trying to crumb coat it. next week i am baking the hell out of that thing. who cares if it is a brick - it will be easy to frost! you can see the corner of my cake - it had fallen off friday night when i was getting it out of the pan but i did NOT feel like baking a whole other cake (1 and 1/2 boxes of mix!). i really need to find a good recipe for real cake not from a box that is easy to frost.

we started frosting and then added a shell border around the bottom and along the edges of the top. i loaded so much frosting on mine to avoid any crumbs poking through. then we learned how to make roses to put on one page of the book. we made the roses on the flower nail then used the special scissors to transfer them to the cake. i only had to start over three times before getting a usable flower off the nail. not too shabby.
we also learned writing... not really. more like we were told to write something on one side of our ook. since we had the roses on one side i made my book about gardening. the words arent spaced very well and go crooked but next time will be better! making the bookmark was my favorite part. looks really complicated but it wasnt!


Mandy said...

I love all these cakes! SO cute! I am SO excited about the pink tile! :) You will at least have to come see my house when you are in town next! You are welcome to stay with me anytime though! love you friend

niKnox said...

what do you do with all these cakes when you are done? you are always up to something spontaneous!