Sunday, March 22, 2009

weekend update

Friday night we went over to doug and christines to take them dinner and meet baby jade. she is almost a month old and the most precious thing ever. as soon as jeremy held her, her hiccups stopped and she fell right asleep. all small creatures love him. after we left we headed to the red lion tavern for some german food and so jeremy could smoke his pipe. i love german food! what a great place.

saturday morning i had cake class. this week's class was all about royal icing flowers. we learned seven different kinds and brought them home to dry for next week's basket of flowers cake. at the beginning things were going great - my petunias were perfect and my lilies were ok (if a little starfish-y. but thats how i was told to make them). it was sometime after this when things for me started to fall apart. my icing, which is supposed to be dry and stiff was melting everywhere. so my violets and pansies and primroses turned into blobs. i will be retrying those sometime this week when is stops raining. apparently it is too "humid" here. even though i am sure people in florida make royal icing flowers and they dont blob. no on else was having the same problems as me. it was all very frustrating. my drop flowers were about the only thing i could make by the end of class. they are little but awfully cute. next week we will learn the basket weave and put all of this together - very exciting!

saturday night was boys night out. i had a lovely evening catching up on greys anatomy and private practice and hanging out with cricket.

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