Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dream a little dream for me

last tuesday night i had a dream that a friend was pregnant with her third child. her sister in law came over for dinner on thursday and told me that mandy was indeed pregnant. and tuesday was the day that mandy found out and she hadnt told anyone until wednesday night. so taht was my mildly prophetic dream of last week. (and it isnt the first time a dream has come true... but it happens very rarely).

so last night i had a dream that jeremy and i were babysitting for our friends. they currently have one child and recently found out they are pregnant again. so recently i didnt even know it. anyways, in my dreams i was babysitting their TWO children. weird huh? also we were in a huge house (which they do not currently live in) in a tallgrass style neighborhood (all you wichitans can make the comparison) with a huge backyard. i took the daughter for a walk and we found a stray german shepard puppy taht we took back to the house and put i the back yard. later i looked inthe backyard and there were strangers trying to steal the puppy. i went outside to try and get them off our friends property and they wouldnt leave. i grabbed the puppy and brought him inside and locked the backdoor. i grabbed the portable phone to call 911 because i was terrified for the safety of the two babies we were watching. i locked the front door then opened the garage door to make sure the garage door was closed and there was a strange dark colored suv parked in the garage. i started trying to memorize the license tag (iag was in the middle and there were some ms and ns in there and it was a california tag) and dialing the phone and they peeled out. so i closed the garage and locked the door to the garage and started to talk to 911 when my alarm went off.

what does it all mean?

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mommy said...

too many crazy stephanie plum books?? a mass fusion of reality and fantasy? or are you "the medium"? spooky. i hope some is real and some not. loveyoubye