Tuesday, March 17, 2009

week #2: country

oh country week... itll make you or break you! (and randy travis looks a little rough!)

michael was either ahead or behind the lyrics the entire time he was singing. i do love that song though! the harmonica guy on the edge of the stage was weird and distracting but talented.

my favorite red headed 16 year old kicked ass as usual. i love allison!

kris picked one of my favorite songs ever. i think this one suits him well. still not a fan though. dunno why - just one of those things i guess.

lil picked a former idol song. i still have a hard time figuring out why people do that. especially since lils version wasnt spectacular. not bad... just ok. did you guys here that supposedly the voting is fixed and lil, adam, danny and whatsherface with the pink hair are the top 4 already? this is all a sham people. independence day for the american people will be the day when the voting is for real (and not to any phone sex numbers). is that day today? time will tell.

ADAM! ease up on the spray tan. love the blue and green streaks in your hair. you are such a rock star! im digging this version of ring of fire. prolly most people will disagree with me though. at least he didnt try to be johnny cash. thats just not cool. unless you are joaquin phoenix. in which case you can do almost anything you want. except rap.

scott is just not that great of a singer. sorry. why do i feel guilty saying anything negative about him? it is weird to watch someone play the piano and never look down at their fingers even once.

hey pink headed girl: who sings jolene? maybe you should keep it that way.

as if there arent a million country songs that talk about god and jesus - whyd he pick this one? danny is no carrie.

anoop - i have a feeling you will be on our minds for a couple more weeks at least. very nice. MUICH better than last week.

megan - with the shaking dance thing you do you may want to rethink wearing dresses that preclude the wearing of supportive undergarments. yikes. also stop singing. but i do like you eye makeup. is shiny.

matt actually covered carrie underwood well. he prolly wont win but i enjoyed this performance. also, fix your eyebrows.

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