Sunday, March 15, 2009

the pasadena triathlon and 5k fun run...

we were a little bit chilly but ready to go (or as ready as we were gonna get anyways). we started out with the 5k run. that equals 3.1 miles. according to my trusty garmin, our run was actually closer to 3.4 miles. im not whining im just saying. false advertising much? i loved watching the pace on my watch - how fast are we running? how fast are we walking? it also keeps track of hills and calories and all sorts of other things. someday when i learn how to work it i can race against a virtual partner or against myslef, set a pace that i want to run and it will tell me if i go too slow, etc. the best part is after the workout i just wave it by the computer and (assuming i have the usb key plugged in) it wirelessly transmits all my stats to the computer to i can view them and track my progress. hopefully this gets me motivated for some running races that are upcoming. my performance in this 5k certainly wasnt motivational to anyone.

after we ran to the transition area and donned our biking gear, we raced out to the same track (a large loop around the rose bowl) to circle around 3 times, 15k-ish. the beginning of the track is a large but not steep hill and at the end is a nice downhill coast. i made it through the bike portion, regained my breath and rehydrated. riding a bike in a pack of serious triathletes is not for the faint of heart. some of those people are crazy. they whiz by with only inches to spare. and on the other hand, there are people who look like this is maybe their first time on a bike and they are weaving all over. really really hard to pass these people.

i reracked my (lances) bike and stripped down to my swimming suit for the finally portion of the race. 150 m swim. it is only three lengths in this olympic pool (not only is it olympic sized, it is actually the pool where the 1984 Summer Olympics diving and other non lap swimming pool event were held. a little piece of history... by this time i was so ready to be finished with this race. i swam my fastest, which im sure wasnt really that fast at all, but i did pass a couple people in the pool. the final results havent been posted yet. i finished around 1:23 which is ok. at least i didnt go over 1:30! kris finished a minute or two ahead of me and we are so proud of ourselves!

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Fair Weather Runner said...

WHOO-HOO!!! You guys rock. Sounds like a lot of fun. I lost it on that first picture of you and Kris though, I was laughing so hard Ed told me not to vomit. Kris looks like she has princess Leia hair. I slobbered and choked a little laughing so hard. Hopefully I'll be able to do a tri with you guys some day. Training for a marathon is STUPID.