Friday, March 20, 2009

happy anniversary

when i told jeremy happy anniversary on wednesday he looked at his watch. i could see the panic rising as he realized he forgot. then he realized it was march 18 and not may 21 and i was the crazy one. not so! i got a postcard in the mail from toyota... rex the yaris has been a part of our family for two years now. aw. we love him. he got new license plate stickers as a present. it was all very special.

last night sarah came over for dinner. i made albondigas soup. it was amazing if i say so myself. i added potato, cumin and bay leaves to the recipe, according to a recommendation from ceci. we had fun talking about everything, watching youtube videos (if you havent watched one line on the sopranos or everyday normal guy yet - go do it!), and making cookies. apparently my sugar cookie recipe (pillsbury rolls of sugar cookie dough) is a fan favorite!

i have been contemplating what race(s) to sign up for next and trying to run more this week. it has been really hot though! it is supposed to cool off this weekend so i can get some more use out of my running jacket. saturday i may go to the fancy running store to find a short sleeve running shirt with a zippy pocket. there has to be something like that somewhere in the universe! there isnt anything at sports authority or target thats for sure.

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