Sunday, December 28, 2008

tubing with max

We were out on the river in december. Awesome!
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Uh oh!

I think it shook loose during tubing. Good thing I was at a dentist's house!
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Believe it or not

We are at ripleys believe it or not, my fave place ever. St augustine is warm and crowded. Feels like home!
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Believe it or not

We are at ripleys believe it or not, my fave place ever. St augustine is warm and crowded. Feels like home!
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Crackers Round 2

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Christmas Crackers Round 1

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merry christmas!

we ate our chinese last night... did our christmas crackers this morning while we opened presents... had a hot toddy each (thats good stuff right there!)... then some bellinis... did some laundry... talked to family on the phone... packed suitcases... washed dishes... vacuumed... watched return of the jedi (nothing says merry christmas like star wars!)... ate some of kris's lentil soup from the pajama party... all in all a wonderful christmas day.

for my christmas wish i would like peace at lax and goodwill from all the security guards who have to work on christmas.

jammie whammie partay

lance and kris hosted our first jammie whammie party (and my first co-ed pajama party ever) for christmas. we ate a fabulous dinner on her china (at a beautifully set table - way to go momma gibson for teaching that home ec class... right kris?) in our jammies then watched fred claus, that was a pretty funny movie. it was the only one everyone would agree on since some of us (me) dont particularly care for elf or its a wonderful life) and others (lance) dont like a christmas story. no one had seen fred claus yet so it was perfect. everyone had a great time and it was super relaxing. the best part was coming home and getting straight in bed without having to change!

lance won the prize for most festive costume. kris is one lucky girl.

owen won for most at home in his pjs since we see him in them all the time.

the shivelys are keeping cricket for us this week. we took her over yesterday and i thought

i kept hearing her scratch at the door all night asking to be let in from the cold rain. i missed my cat hat!

Monday, December 22, 2008

cricket's playdate

since we are going out of town for a week we need to find someone to watch cricky while we are in florida. it is hard because most people are out of town for christmas. thankfully ryan and kim are staying in town and they have a cat, harley. they so graciously agreed to babysit while we are gone. last monday jeremy and i took cricket over there for a little playdate to see how the cats got along. cricket loved harley's brand of catnip, was a little bit scared of the electric litter box, and wanted to play with harley. harley wasnt as excited to have a strange cat in her space. cricket tried to sniff her and play with her while harley hissed, albeit rather anemically and half hearted. it wasnt until cricket came all the way into harleys face while she was semi cornered in the kitchen that anything exciting happened. poor clawless harley took a swipe at cricket and cricket hit back. cricky poo still has her claws though. we separated them and neither was hurt. harley went and hid in her cabinet for the rest of the night while cricket played with her toys. the funny thing about the way cricket hit her was with her paws curled in slightly - the way she does when jeremy is playing with her. i think she thought harley was playing with her. kind of awesome.

hopefully they get along when cricket is hanging out over there.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas festivities

last weekend was the fourth annual shively cookie party. i baked shortbread as always, and took some of the peppernuts that grandma koci sent us because they are always a huge hit. we had a great time, ate some delicious chili and way too many cookies. we came home with a mix-y plate and have been snacking all week.

wednesday night was our live production christmas party, dessert potluck and white elephant gift exchange. jeremy took a fishing pole and came home with a headlamp from doug and i took a candle and came home with a scrapbook. we actually got things that we like and will use. some people got literal trash and that sucks. then we played the "slips of paper" game and had a roaring good time. shortbread was once again a hit.

christmas is fun at work too. our holiday party was last week and i couldnt stay as long as i wanted because of the show but it was a nice dinner and raffle. all week long people have been bringing in treats and gifts. lots of chocolate and holiday popcorn tins!!!! everyone at work starts asking around nov 1 when i am bringing in shortbread and peppernuts so this was the week for that. extra long morning breaks with coffee and tea and treats. could life get any better? i submit that it could if we werent at work but a girls gotta earn a living. money is freedom! ask marie from everybody loves raymond.

a christmas carl

the cast...

and crew of a christmas carl, a modern day time traveling spin on a christmas carol. it was pretty fun and had some elaborate set changes so it kept us backstage managers busy! esther joined the men in black this year and we had so much fun! sarah was directing again and she is awesome. cricket was thrown off her schedule by all our late nights but i took a sick day one day to stay in bed and snuggle with her. we had two performances and they both went really well. i enjoyed everything about it except the stupid made up christmas song that i know about three words to that i cant get out of my head! argh!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christine's baby shower

last weekend kim, kris and i randomly all wore black to a baby shower. when we got there, lots of other people were wearing black too. not super festive for a baby shower, completely appropriate for a funeral. i guess we were mourning the loss of doug and christine's freedom and sleep? :) the best was we all went to target for our gender nuetral baby shower wrapping paper and we matched!

we played some fun games, including one where teams fo two had to find pictures from magazines of what we thought the baby would look like grown up. since none of us knew if it was a boy or girl, the collages turned out to be very interesting... holly and i made a boy - we were the only ones. we made him bringing flowers to christine, his mom, for mother's day. she picked us as second place, but the first place people (kris and kim) had already won prizes so we got to pick candles - i got one that matched my house. yay!

christine and doug got some really good stuff and we all had a blast. holly made a pretty awesome cake. i made my first granny squares blanket (crocheting). i am very happy with how it turned out.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

One more night

Got my hairs cut, my black on and I'm ready for the second and final night of the pasadena mosaic christmas show. Last night was great and tonight will be better!
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

tuesday night

tuesday was a big night for us. jeremy's uncle mike was in town on business so we got to meet him for dinner. we ate in the hotel restaurant, a fancy french place. i had jidori chicken and it was amazing! jeremy and mike both got snapper in clam sauce (not mdf!). for dessert i had strawberry soup and it was yummy. it was so nice to see him and get caught up on some of the family news.

after we left dinner we headed to the mint becuase justin was in town playing with whitney duncan. we got there way early (they went on at 10 and we got there shortly after 8) and a guy that we know from mosaic, christopher wray, was playing. that was a fun surprise. whitneyduncan was a fun show - she is pop rock/country. we hung out with the band a little bit after the show and it was nice to see justin. it is weird that i wind up seeing him more than i see anna but still fun. the best part of the night (not for her prolly though) was that anna was still awake after the show was over (it was really really ridiculously late her time) and after justin talked to her i got to sing her to sleep. i bet that was the best night of sleep she ever had.
sarah tagged me. as if she hasn't been telling me what to do enough this week! :) (sarah is the director on the christmas show jeremy and i are stage managing so im glad she is around to tell me what to do...)

1. Choose the 4th picture folder on your computer

2. Choose the 4th picture

3. Explain the picture

4. Choose 4 people to do the same

on jessie's bed two years ago with my cousins. four hot girls in one bed. woot woot!

now i am supposed to tag four people but most people who read this and also have blogs have already participated so i am tagging two:



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

current pet peeves

1. people who don't tag themselves in pictures when you upload pictures to an album on facebook, just because it is your album doesnt mena that you dont have to tag yourself. you do. just do it.

2. people who have smartphones with full qwerty keypads and word recognition who use cutesy little text abbreviations seriously? like typing thanks instead of thx or you are instead of you are really takes that much longer on a full keypad? it doesn't. so please act like you graduated high school and passed english and write real words. i fully understand people using t9 who dont want to type it all out because it is a pain. all you berry and iphone users out there - im watching you!

3. speaking of grammar, and i know ive harped on this before but it still bothers me, your is NOT the same as you're look it up and use it correctly. the only people who have a pass on this are people who do not have english as their first language and people under the age of 8. (same goes for there they're their)

4. people who park their cars in the middle of the street and turn their flashers on all the while completely blocking traffic turning on your flashers doesnt mean we can drive through the space your car is occupying. get out of the freaking street. pull into a driveway or something if you are loading or unloading.

im having a bad day and my boss is grumpy and so im grumpy. this rant helped get it all out.

tonight should be a great night though - dinner with uncle mike then to a club to see justin play then maybe rehearsal if it is still going strong.

Monday, December 8, 2008

my favorite christmas carols

we went to one of mosaic's christmas shows on saturday night and stage managed service on sunday morning. all the trees and lights and christmas carols. its beginning to feel a little bit like christmas. we arent decorating this year for two reasons: 1. all of our shristmas stuff is in storage and there is no room for it in our little apartment anyways and 2. we are leaving christmas day for jacksonville and it seems rather anticlimatic to decorate and then leave. that, combined with the fact that it is between 60 and 80 degrees here makes for a not very christmassy feeling. but i have heard two of my three favorite christmas songs so far theis year and i am holding out hope for #3.

1. silver bells - grammer and i used to play this song all the time (i mean all summer and everything) while we burned incense and played poker and drank chocolate shakes... i had a great childhood.

2. little drummer boy - a surprisingly controversial song. most people love it or hate it.

3. o come o come emmanuel - it doesnt seem very chirstmassy but i love this song. i was reading the verses online and i have never even heard some of them but i still love it.

what are your favorite christmas carols and why?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

don't call me israel but...

studio city tattoo, where i spent some of my afternoon:

isaiah 44:5 "one will say, 'i belong to the lord'; another will call himself by the name of jacob; still another will write on his hand 'the Lord's,' and will take the name israel."

Friday, December 5, 2008

Civic Duty Again

Jeremy came with me this time. Together we saved up to 6 lives today!!! Yay for blood donation!
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Friday, November 28, 2008


yesterday jeremy adn i met some of our friends out in la canada flinthills to run a 5k turkey trot. it was jeremy's (and all our friends) first race. there was live music, lots of dogs, and people with turkey hats (made out of fabric NOT real birds). we had a great time and at the end felt like we really earned our big meal! since my training for this race was lackluster at best, i didnt get a PR or anything. there was a couple of long slight hills that made the run really hard! all six of us finished within about 5 or so minutes of each other and we got free t-shirts AND helped feed the hungry. not a bad day's work... and all before 9 am!
jeremy and i came home and showered and put our pjs back on. we just ate dinner by ourselves and hung out and watched g.i. jane, the macy's parade, and football. it was GREAT! i madea turkey breast with apple cranberry stuffing, green bean casserole, cornbread, and mashed potatoes. we bought a pumpkin pie but when we went to eat it is was moldy!!!! we almost cried. hopefully we can get one at the store today. the cool whip in the fridge is lonely.
things i am thankful for:
jeremy and cricket
my friends and family
rex the yaris
my bike (i li-i-i-ike my bi-i-i-ike)
high heels
a job and health insurance
my blackberry
los angeles public library
what are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The night before

The night before a big race it is important to get a good night's sleep and good nutrition. So the night before our turkey trot jeremy and I hit the blue room with dan and emily. Nothing like g'n'ts and darts til 2am. Woot woot!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

flowers and thorns

when i worked in ford hall we used to have staff meetings and we would go around the circle and say one happy thing and one bad thing that happened that day or week. there were all sorts of cutesy little names like flowers and thorns or rainbows and stormclouds etc. kinda lame.

jeremy fixed the shower so now we have better water pressure than before. my showers last night and this morning were amazing. totally changed my outlook on life.

i have 1.5 days of work left until a four day weekend.

i woke up today with a headache. nothing worse than that. i had a really crappy night of sleep i guess.

i got a flat tire on my way to work today on my bike. bah. i have to walk the bike home and thankfully jeremy knows how to fix it or replace it or whatever. he sure is handy!

in other news, which could fall under the thorn category i guess but is a really long story: several years ago, when the series had just come out, i drank the twilight koolaid. i own all the books in hardcover and waited ever so patiently for the fourth book to come out, devoured it in a day (thats an 800 or so page book!) and was ever so slightly disappointed by the way it ended. i am not planning to see the movie because i think the guy who plays edward looks ridiculous and has stupid hair. maybe i will rent it to avoid the hoardes to teenage girls who cheer everytime he does anything on screen (this actually happened to a friend of mine. im not making this stuff up). anyways, i am still ever so slightly obsessed by the series and am planning a re-read as soon as i get back the books i have out on loan. so when i heard that stephenie meyer was rewriting book one (twilight) from edward's perspective and calling it midnight sun, i was ecstatic. something to look forward to. yay!

my friend cara (another obsessive compulsive reader like myself) saw that ms. meyer had posted chapter 1 of midnight sun on her website and read it, then encouraged me to do the same. i resisted knowing that once i pop i just cant stop and it would be worse to read part and then have to wait. then, yesterday, i was reading a news article about the movie and they mentioned that stephenie had indefinitely postponed the release of midnight sun. say it aint so! so i went to her website and read all about it. someone leaked a copy of a manuscript she was working on and now she feels like she isnt "alone" with the book and lots of pressure so she is going to wait a few years (!) and try again. in the menatime she posted the leaked copy on her site so i had to read it. i couldnt stop myself.

the thorn in all of this (or the biggest thorn) is that the manuscript only goes until about the middle or so of twilight. although i obviously know what happens from bella's perspective, it is so interesting to hear what edward has to say... and now i wait. and wait. for the clamor to die down, for stephenie meyer to write anything else (her stand alone novel the host was great too- no vampires, just aliens that steal people's brains. doesnt it sound completely ridiculous? but it is SO good!), for something great to happen and the rest of midnight sun to magically appear.

i always feel like i am waiting for something. looking ahead and being excited about future things isnt wrong but spending too much time dwelling on that stuff can prevent living in the moment. my yoga teacher told us to pay attention to our posture. some people lean back when they sit, some people lean forward, some poeple sit straight up. it can be indicative of your thoughts - do you dwell in the past, look to the future, or live in the here and now? i am definitely a forward leaner. what are you?

Friday, November 21, 2008

That time of year

Today is our 3 1/2 year anniversary. (Our 42 monthaversary). Aw. Jeremy brought me flowers home on his lunch so they were here when I got home. I love him!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my panties

are you completely scadalized yet?

i got a card in the mail (like victoria's secret often sends out) for a free pair of panties and $10 off any bra. so jeremy and i went to the mall and hit vs whilst we were there. when we walked in a saw a big sign advertising a sale on their cotton underwear (my fave): 7 for $25. so i picked out 8 new pairs and we checked out. 8 pairs for $26.56. not too shabby.

tonight i did the wash and washed all my new undies (i actually hate the word panties but it is so provocative which i love). i also washed old undies which i knew i was going to throw away.

is it weird that i wash underwear before throwing them away? throwing away dirty underwear completely grosses me out. am i crazy? anyone?


thats a big ugly scary word.

as a disclaimer it is NOT a word we use in our house, nor will we ever.

it is however a harsh reality that millions of families (including mine) deal with. jeremy and i struggle with the idea and with our family members and friends who have gotten divorced or are contemplating it and the stress and drama that inevitably ensues. it is hard and it sucks.

i read this article in relevant magazine (check it out - it is great) that i am posting a link to below. it is interesting and from teh perspective of a christian man who recently went through a divorce. i'm glad i read it and i think you might be too.



Saturday, November 15, 2008

My first autographed book

She wrote it gaelic "scotland forever". Love it!!!!
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what a crazy road trip!

so my friend cara and i are totally crazy. we deicded a month or so ago to drive to flagstaff to see one of our favorite authors give a lecture and sign books. so yesterday, at 4:40 am, my alarm goes off. i got up and made breakfast and got ready and she picked me up at 5:45. then we hit the road jack.
after a stop in victorville for coffee and in needles for gas we hit the arizona border.

we saw some crazy cacti that had fur, a golfball shaped house, and some really interesting street and landmark names.

for example: holy moses wash, devil dog road, and doug dog road. we have friends who have a dog named doug and we call him doug dog. love it! also now cara and i can keep saying holy moses wash instead of oh crap! heehee.

so we got to northern arizona university and ate carls jr for lunch. more on that later. we found our way (eventually) to the liberal arts building where diana gabaldon was givng a lecture and signing books. she talked about getting oublished, how she went from being a scientist to an author (start writing!) and her upcoming work ( a graphic novel, movie options, and the 7th book in the series. is it fall 2009 yet?) after she was speaking we lined up and got our copies of outlander signed. so exciting. then we got to meet her and take a picture with her.

then we drove around the university some more, and after accidentally finding ourselves back on the freeway headed to los angeles and having to turn around and come back, we found gabaldon hall, which we can only assume was named for diana since she did graduate from NAU. all of the people who live in gabaldon hall looked at us like we were crazy but we often get those looks so who cares?

not like i will see anyone i met that day again except for... CASSIE! she it the residence life coordinator at reilly hally at NAU so cara and i got to see her apartment and she took us out to dinner at oreganos, a local (awesome) italian restaurant. when cassie came around the corner to the front desk of her hall i realized we were dressed the same. black t shirt, black sweatshirt and jeans. even after living apart for years we still got it! then we drove all over creation looking for a shot glass for armando (seriously he better appreciate us! mulitple stops at multiple bars who all said - no we dont have any shot glasses but we do have pint glasses - how is that even close to being the same thing????) and back to her aprtment to change into our sweats before making the 7 hour drive home.

so i am officailly adding carls jr to the list of fast food that i will never eat and would rather starve. the list currently consists of only jack in the box (jack is so freaking creepy). then there were two. i got food poisoning. have you ever been disgustingly sick at 1 am after being awake for 20 hours in the middle of a seven hour car trip. SO not fun. we had to make more than a couple stops ont he way home - i am very familiar with multiple gas station bathrooms along the 40 now. so check that one off the bucket list.

when we got back into familiar territory along the 5 we saw huge flames and smoke coming from the mountains near the valley. we switched from our road trip cds (cara loooooves the brittle lens!) to the radio and listened intently as they talked about evacuating sylmar. this is really close to where my boss lives and we texted her and so far havent heard back. i am freaking out. multiple houses have burned down and there are still rescue workers out there trying to control the blaze 12 hours later. cara's husband fran is a police officer and he was called out there and spent 8 extra hours helping out. the wildfires here are awful. right now we are safe and prolly will continue to be but lots of people arent. so that totally put a damer on the end of our crazy road trip day.

now after sleeping for several hours i am awake and so happy that i got to meet one of my favorite authors! you can read her blog at:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy hair lady

When I went to the bathroo at work this morning (this was after riding my bike and i always wear a helmet) I realized that I was crazy hair lady.

Then multiple people said they liked my hair. Who is crazy now?
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malibu camping: the second edition part deux

saturday morning we rolled out our sleeping bags around 6:30. eleven hours of sleep. not too bad. we made our eggs in a bag then ran across the highway to the beach to call sarah and ryan and let them know which site we were at and to bring a ladle because i forgot mine and soup is hard to stir and serve without one.

then we waited. i worked on one of many baby blankets that i am making (everyone is having a baby except me, which i am totally fine with for now) and we played bocce. the sandbergs showed up at noon. we cooked sausages over the fire and then took kia to the beach. it was her first trip and after overcoming her fear of the waves/tide she started attacking the waves as they rolled back to sea. it was pretty funny. then we went rock climbing.

i made it to the normal person height and then ryan and jeremy decided to take that a step farther and climb all the way to the top. i was happy that jeremy has life insurance and scared for sarah because ryan doesnt. those crazy monkeys. kia halfheartedly attempted to follow them but didnt get very far.

the weather was perfect. i was in a tshirt and shorts for most of the day then put on longsleeves at the beach. but i got some sun in the morning! my cheeks were pink on sunday. :D i love socal!!!! we headed back to camp and played laddreball. we girls won the first two straight (with some great tosses under pressure by yours truly) and ryan changed his mind about playing best out of three to best our of five. then the boys won two straight and then it was getting dark so we had to stop. we ate taco soup for dinner followed by the most amazing licorice i have ever tasted from trader joes. it tasted like gushers without the squirty stuff in the middle. yum! after dinner the wind was really picking up so the five of us trooped into our tent to play some games. we played a dice game that i was horrible at and then this french card automobile game ( i was going to write card car game but thought everyone would think i just typed card twice and once poorly) called milles bourne (i think?). ryan and i versed jeremy and sarah. we lost but it was SO much fun. i am going to have to find that game and order it. kia was very well-behaved in the tent, staying on her blanket and occasionally emitting the most powerful stenchy gas ever. glad we had the windows open!

sunday morning we ate breakfast and packed up. the wind (love those santa anas!) was insane and we could even fold up our tent so jeremy just shoved it in the trunk to deal with later. sarah had to get back to reality for a rehearsal (christmas show rehearsals already!!!) so we left early-ish in the morning.
we took disappointing showers and unpacked. cricket was SO happy to see us - she was hungry! she had licked her can of food completely clean and her food bowl had crumbs in it. she still had plenty of water and she is in no danger of starving to death if you know what i mean. but it did make for a joyful reunion/welcome home!

malibu camping: the second edition

jeremy and i went out to pt mugu state park this past weekend for anoth camping trip. we headed out friday afternoon and the sandbergs joined us saturday at lunchtime. when we arrived friday afternoon the sun was already setting so we drove around and picked our spot (only a few spots away from the spot we had last time!) and told the ranger whic one we were in. when we turned around the loop again to park and unload there were two cars parked in the middle of the road with green stuff coming out of one of them. we managed to squeeze past (i love our subcompact yaris!!!!!) and park and started setting up the tent and getting stuff out for dinner etc. while watching the drama unfold between the two carfuls of people who had been in an accident. a big truck with two women and their dogs (dog friendly camping - kia sandberg came and it was fun!) backed into a jeep cherokee with teenagers/college aged kids (i was prolly only a couple years older than them but the way they were acting was waaaay more childish than i ever acted in college so they seemed like kids) and the jeep was leaking antifreeze and the front bumper was dented. the kid took several pictures of the accident and they exchanged insurance information. he called his gma or friends or somebody and was whining about how his car was totalled (it SO wasnt) and he needed a ride and was waiting for the police blah blah blah. he was SO annoying. over an hour after the accident had actually happened he finally walked over to the ranger station (a whole 3 minute walk) and told them about the accident and asked them to call CHiPs. by this time our tent was set up and i was cooking dinner while jeremy was blowing up our mats and arranging our bags (setting up house). at least an hour after this the CHiPs finally arrived.

please keep in mind that this asshole kid (there is really no other way to describe him) REFUSED to move his jeep out of the road. this is a one way road so he was basically blocking EVERYONE in. it was ridiculous. we had to move our car and people had to offroad to get around him. he kept saying "you have to go around. my car is totalled and i am waiting for the police." this is also after the lady who backed into him said "it was my fault and my insurance will pay for it." there were no injuries. he was just being annoying to all of us.

when the CHiPs arrived the first thing they did was ask if they had exchanged insurance information. check. the two officers looked at each other like why the hell did we have to drive all the way out here then? then they made him move his car. then they took some photographs and left. they were there for about 15 minutes. and it prooly took them at least 30 minutes each way to get to the park. great use of our resources stupid jeep driver. the truck lady had waited around this entire time to be nice even though there was no legal obligation for her to do so. as soon as the CHiPs took her statement she went off to her campsite to set up her tent in the dark.

then the tow truck arrived to get the jeep (and the kids, thank god) out of there. we had finished dinner, cleaned up and were just sitting by the fire, drinking and watching. it was total redneck entertainment. when all the excitement had died down, we went to bed. it was 7:30. yep. i love camping!

test results

the doctor called on monday (after i had to call him and remind him that i was waiting for him to call me) with my test results from the biopsies he took during my colonoscopy a couple weeks ago. there were no signs of cancer or pre-cancerous cells or dysplasia (which may be the wrong word because i think hip dyplasia is something golden retrievers are prone too). so thats a big wahoo!

the downside was he said there was inflammation correlating to mild ulcerative colitis. so although i feel great, my insides are still a little bit sickly. so i have to keep taking my medication for now. boo!

maybe when i see him in six months he will give me other better news.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

View from the top

This is a five minute walk from our campsite. We could hear the waves crashing last night as we fell asleep. Wonderful.
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

rain rain (seriously) go away

saturday was our friends', sarah and jason, wedding day. we were asked to go out to the university where they were getting married on saturday morning and help set up the tables and chairs etc and decorate. the wedding was to be held outside the building where mosaic has its offices and near where the pasadena campus meets. her dad made a sign to hang over the address on the building. so cool.

we spent serveral hours in the morning hauling stuff, winding fabric around the trees, moving food to the kitchen (including many many many flats of bottled water), etc. (this was after jeremy and i had been up until 3 am on halloween night). by lunch time we were tired and sore and hungry so we came home to eat and shower/get ready and rest. oh and to watch kstate get slaughtered by ku. incredibly depressing. we got dressed and headed back for the afternoon ceremony.

everyone here knows that it rains about 20 days of the 365.25 in a year. what are the odds that one of those days would be their wedding day? as everyone took their seats for the ceremony it started sprinkling. then raining harder and harder. finally we all had to go into one of the nearby buildings for shelter while all the men set up tents and moved all the reception stuff we spent the morning setting up inside. eventually the rain stopped and sarah still wanted to get married outside so the guys all dried of the chairs and we trooped back out and re-sat down. they got the ceremony going and right after they said their vows it started sprinking again. umbrellas popped up all over the place. thankfully this bout didnt last too long. sarah and jason were so happy and had amazing attitudes about the whole process.

sarah's dad perf
ormed the ceremony and when he asked if jason would take this woman and sarah would take this amn and they both said "i will" he said "AWESOME!" which was hilarious. after the ceremony (they did a unity sand art instead of lighting a candle which was cool) we moved inside for the cake and other desserts and the dance etc. jeremy took his turn during the dollar dance but we werent able to dance together at all. i was majorly disappointed. after the bridal party dances were over the dj played all fast songs and weird songs. (and some really inappropriate songs like promiscuous girl. seriously???? and big pimpin but NOT the edited version. which is fine for chillin in your car with the subs pumpin but not so cool when there are kids and grandmas listening). no slow songs, no swing songs, no linedancing songs. it really sucked. the best part of their reception was a photo booth where you go in and it takes four pictures that print out in a strip just like normal photo booths at the mall or wherever but the cool thing about this was it printed out two strips so they could keep one for their scrapbook and we could put one on our fridge. yay! this picture of us was after we got home. my face is weird. i was so tired and cranky after being on my feet almost all day, in the rain for most of it (it was sprinkling in the morning too) and sad that i didnt get to dance with jeremy. plus at the very end right before we did the sparkler exit, we took a group picture and the poeple i was standing next to were really rude. and the photographer kept changing her mind about what she wanted us to do. HOWEVER, the photos of the bridal party are insanely good. you can see them here. seriously. even if you dont know them, look at their pictures. awesome. sarah looked so gorgeou (like she doesnt in everyday life - yeah right).

thats it. in spite (or prolly because of) the rain, the wedding was gorgeous and there was an amazing sense of community among everyone attending. it was cool. and im so happy for them and that they are finally married!

shower pressure

one of those things you take for granted until it is gone. we have enjoyed great shower pressure at both of our apartments in la. our new one has some temperature control issues but we were learning to deal with it. all of the sudden, last week (after the water being shut off unexpectedly for the 7th time since june), the shower pressure has dwindled to a gentle rainfall. which is nice if you want to enjoy the weather change, but not so nice when you are trying to rinse soap off your back and shampoo out of your thick long(ish) hair.and our temperature choices are burn-your-skin-off hot or ice-age cold. all of this makes for an extremely unpleasant situation in the mornings before coffee.

they told us it would be fixed by monday and it wasnt.

im cranky. apparently, i really rely on the water beating down on me to wake up.

they better fix it soon. the future of the free world is at stake.

i voted. did you?

here is a sad but true statement about my voting in this election. i cared more about prop 2 than the presidential vote. part of that comes from knowing i live in a blue state, and part of that comes from not really liking either of the two main choices all that much. i almost voted for the green party (cynthia and rosa) but two women in the white house is just crazy talk (besides the fact that they would never ever win).

the funnier thing is, prop 2 wasnt even the gay marriage prop that was super hyped.

all i want is for all the chickens to be able to stretch their wings and have enough room to turn around in their cages. prop 2 passed overwhelmingly so thats good. (even though it is dangerous. and risky. and may cost me money. those ads are so ridiculous.) since we buy free range eggs anyways it didnt matter.

the thing that irritated me about watching election coverage was the news station (we were watching nbc) calling the race for obama at 8:01 pm (PST). obviously he has won by a pretty healthy margin and i think at this point it is indisputable but last night when california had barely closed the polls and there were still lines out the door at most polling places on the west coast and 0% of precincts were reporting in how can someone call the race at that point? and mccain just rolled over and made the phone call right away. he didnt even say wait and see. oh well. his speech was gracious and (hopefully) unifying. obama's kinda drug on and on. i stopped listening.

but it is pretty cool that i got to see our first black president. someday my kids will be studying this in senior government and i can tell them all about the historic election. so thats cool.

the most important point i have heard anyone say is for all of us to remember that washington d.c. isnt the end all be all for the world. and that our god is WAY bigger than the united states. hard to believe for us egocentric americans, but he could work through john or obama or cynthia and rosa.

Friday, October 31, 2008

all cleaned out

its like spring cleaning for the colon! i drank my two rounds of phospho-soda at 7pm and 3 am and got in the car at 6 am to drive to glendale so dr. schulman could take a peek inside me and tell me how healthy i look. i remember sitting in the waiting room with jeremy. i remember taking a pregnancy test (negative and... random much?). i remember walking across a large room with a lot of other people (mostly nurses) in a hospital gown that didnt have a tie at the butt and possibly flashing all of said people in the room. (thankfully, as medical professionals in an endoscopy center, they are quite used to butts. in fact, as most people who go in for colonoscopies are over 50, seeing mine prolly made their days. it is a pretty nice one if i do say so myself.) i remember the insertion of the iv and taping the monitors to my chest and sides. i remember being asked to roll over on my left side and something about demerol and something being added... to... my... iv... snore! then i remember waking up in recovery with jeremy. all of those things are factual.

things that may or may not be true (i was on drugs - remember that):
1. that i didnt fall asleep right away and they had to give me more demerol! woot woot!
2. that i asked the doctor about going off my meds and he said only if i want the colitis to flare up.
3. that i was mumbling something to the nurses in the procedure room about how the inside of my colon (they have a monitor in the room) looks like something...??? i dont make good analogies when i am drugged. also i wasnt wearing my glasses so i am pretty sure i couldnt see the monitor anyways. which leads me to believe that although it is highly likely that i was mumbling in my sleep, i was not even forming real words, much less humorous analogies.

the doctor will be calling me sometime next week to tell me the results of my biopsies and i will ask him then, when i am fully sober, what his opinion on my going off or at least further decreasing my meds is.

after the procedure we came home and slept off the drugs (jeremy slept in solidarity with my situation) then woke up in time to eat lunch and watch kim on days of our lives. super fun. then we watched lucky number slevin which i hated at first but actually wound up being rather witty and entertaining. also josh hartnett is cute. dinner, the office, and back to beddy bye. nighty night!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

roadkill, wyoming

saturday night we went to the downberg saloon for our first murder mystery dinner party. it was set in the wild west in the little town of roadkill, wyoming. someone had killed the judge and it was up to us to figure out who. my character was butch chastity, gunslinging, stage coach robbing wild child, and jeremy was p'elvis swagern, a stranger in town to avenge his sweetheart's death. it was so much fun as clues were revealed about each character and we tried to figure out whodunit. was it the mexican mistress who had three husbands die suddenly, the indian chief whose entire tribe was gone, the local madam or the grieving mother of 13 dead sons? everyone dressed up and really got into their characters.

we had bbq chicken and cornbread and baked beans - the perfect western meal. it was great. one of our hostesses also blogged about the night here. everyone had a cheesy name and a hilarious backstory and it was great fun. if you ever have the opportunity to do one of these you definitely should.