Friday, April 30, 2010

our new job

this post will not be nearly as informative as you or i want it to be, and believe me, we are as frustrated as you are about that.

what we do know:

jeremy and i have accepted a position together as community co-managers for an independent living community for holiday retirement. check out their website - it is awesome!

we will be leaving manchester on may 10 for two weeks of on-site training at one oftheir new england communities and two weeks of sales and marketing training in a hotel. we have given our notice in our apartment butdo not yet know where we are going to be permanently placed. we do know it will be in either maine, mass or connecticut.

cricket has been whispering things to rumper ever since we started boxing things up. stuff like "if they try to put you in the car, run for your life!" and "be careful jumping into empty boxes. they may put stuff on top of you and seal it up."

what we are still waiting to find out:
what our new address will be. we have our lease until the 22nd of may, so we will be able to receive mail at our current address until then. after that we will know where we are moving to and will let you all know (and also set up mali forwarding for the in between time).

where we will be training and if we can take the cats. we can take them once we actually start our job, but they may have to board while we are training. cricket doesnt know it yet, but she is getting her shots updated next week. none of y'all tell her, ok?

everyone has tons of questions but we really dont know that answer to any of them except that we are SUPER excited about our new position together and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Friday, April 16, 2010

our birthday fish

jeremy has always always wanted an aquarium. this year with our birthday money we finally decided to go for the gold. we got a fifteen gallon aquarium and started with 9 fish - 5 neon tetras, 2 blood fin tetras, and 2 lyre tail guppies. we added four more fish to the mix a couple of weeks later. so far we havent lost one and the cats love watching them swim around.

rumper goes and sits by the tank every morning and evening when it is usually time to feed them and waits for jeremy to come. rump likes watching them in their feeding frenzy. if jeremy takes too long to come feed hem the cat will meow and chirp to get his attention. it is pretty awesome.

so thanks to everyone who sent birthday money - we love our new aquarium!

fred's first haircut


when i moved to new hampshire and jeremy was still in los angeles, he sent me a bonsai tree instead of flowers when i got my job. he knows me well because i have always loved bonsai. i named him fred and have kept him alive for six months. since i do not have a super green thumb, this is relly great. one thing i have failed at though is regular pruning. i am supposed to do it every six weeks, but hadn't done it once. so a couple of weeks ago i finally gave him a haircut. the cats were fascinated by the process and fred was thrilled with the result.AFTER

well, that was unexpected

this past weekend was the final weekend of rent at the palace. it was insanely busy and we had great crowds all weekend. monday was my usual day off (and much deserved after the weekend i had). back to work as usual on tuesday. tuesday afternoon i was called into the upstairs offices to meet with the boss. and he said "we are letting you go due to budget constraints." i thought he was joking. i really did. some kind of sick and twisted joke but a joke nonetheless. so i replied in the only way possible: "Are you kidding me?" but the answer was no i wasn't getting my leg pulled; i was getting "let go." and not for any good reason either.

i went downstairs to the box office and packed my stuff. thankfully it was jeremy's day off and he came right away and picked me up. i was crying but managed to hold back the actual sobs until he drove me away. we went home and sat on the couch for a couple hours just staring at each other and wondering what to do next.

bright and early wednesday morning i got up and sat on the couch with the computer and started applying for jobs and unemployment. it is going to be really rough financially for us for the next few weeks? months? until i find a new position. everyone keeps telling me that i will find something soon but i am really worried.

so there goes my trip home in may for missy's wedding and possibly our fifth anniversary trip. so that really sucks.

keep your ears open for any open positions and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as i look for a new job and we navigate this uncertain time.