Tuesday, November 15, 2011

tri-ing something new

 all last week i was sick - sneezing, up all night coughing, generally feeling lousy. so naturally, over the weekend i particpated in my first organized sporting activity since pregnancy, an indoor tri at the south ymca. i have done a couple f regular tris in california, so this one seemed doable compared to the amount of energy and prepartion that goes into one of those. it is part of a winter series and i am happy to say, even post race, i fully intend on competing in the entire series. it is good motivation if nothing else.

my friend beka competed with me. SO glad she wanted to sign up and do this race - i totally would have skipped out if it weren't for her! her heat was before mine, so we didnt get to swim, bike or run next to each other, but we did get to cheer for each other.
 pre-race i was full of optimism and will power. there is no other way i could have made it through if i wasn't so stubborn!
after the race, i was ready for coffee and a shower. and a nap, but we all know that mommies don't get too many naps. coffee and a shower were at least achievable goals.

i finished (my goal) in under an hour (my secret goal) and came in third in my age group! (out of six, but still - i beat people!)

total time: 57:42
swim (500 m): 11:42 (second in my heat and right behind the man flexing in my picture. he was for reals though)
transition: 2:33 (i changed out of my swimsuit into running clothes. maybe next time i will alter this method for an easy way to decrease my overall time.)
bike (6mi): 23:22 (pretty slow, but it was my first time on a bike in about 2 years. and it was SO boring being on the bike in the spin studio!)
transition: :03 (basically wobbling from the bikes onto the track through a door)
run (2 mi): 20:03 (not too shabby considering i couldnt really breathe through my nose and my lungs were filled with phlegm. and i havent exactly done my best training lately)

looking forward to dec 4 - who's with me?

p.s. you can only do it if you arent in my age group - i dont need any more competition. ;)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

campin out

 we went with our friends ed and beka up to fall river a few weeks ago for jacob's first camping experience.  it was beautiful weather, and didnt get too cold that night. he enjoyed sitting in his camping chair just like all the grown ups and was absolutely fascinated by the fire. he put his nalgene in his little cup holder and was happy as a clam.
 we were all decked out in our k-state gear - it was  a winning day ( i think it was the day we played KU). the scenery there was beautiful.  not something i would have expected in kansas!
we played bocce, ate way too many smores and gorged on taco soup, and played hide the baby.  ok, we didnt actually leave him anywhere of course but he was awfully hard to spot in the foliage with his camo outfit and hat!