Wednesday, March 11, 2009

weekly update

jeremy and i bought soccer cleats on saturday. i think nikki might be very proud and anna will be apalled. but these opinions would quickly change when they found out that we arent playing soccer, rather, we are starting a flag football league on saturday. yes thats right, saturday is not only my triathlon that i am supremely ill-prepared for but also our first football game. and i missed practice last week. so while i may not end the day with any real sense of accomplishment at least i will get good exercise! originally my goal finishing time for the triathlon was an hour. then i found out last year's women's record was 53 minutes so i bumped it up to 1:15. then i pretty much stopped training because of the oscars and a minor injury so now we all decided we will just be happy to actually finish.

did anyone watch the biggest loser last night? this entire season jeremy and i have been saying how much we prefer this seasons losers over last seasons. they seem to get along and like each other and compete without being too sly or nasty or hateful. then last night, two of our favorites, sione and phillipe had temper tantrums like little kids. nothing like seeing a grown man yell and throw things and storm out of the room in a huff almost crying because its just not fair! then black team won the weigh in that they didnt deserve to with all the drinking and eating and smoking and carrying on they did on their luxury day. we were disappointed in them. cant wait to see what next week has in store for us!

in other news, two of my favorite bands from middle school and sort of high school were dc talk and newsboys. it is possible that my dc talk poster is still hanging on the back of the door in my old room at my parents house. anyways, michael tait (the member of dc talk whose picture was folded under so the poster could fit on my door because he wasnt as cute as tobey and kevin) is the new lead singer of the newsboys because that dude quit. my pre-teen worlds are colliding and life as i know it might just be over. the sky is falling the sky is falling!

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