Wednesday, April 30, 2014

happy easter!

Jacob turned three and Aliza six months right around Easter time. They are growing up so quickly - I can't even handle it. We spent Easter Sunday in Topeka with Jeremy's family, all 75 of them. Jacob had way too much fun playing with his cousins, looking at Grandpa's tractors, and watching the cows. My sweet Easter bunny Zee basically spent the whole day being too cute for words and charming everyone.

We celebrated on Saturday with my family. Jacob got to hunt eggs with tasty (and healthy!) snacks in them and we had a delicious brunch. He enjoyed hunting the eggs so much he keeps asking if he can do it again. Hilarious. The weekend sped by but it was so wonderful to spend time with friends and family and celebrate the Resurrection!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

new kitchen!

ok there is actually still a lot to do in order to properly classify this as a new kitchen, but check out the results of jeremy's hard work last weekend!

being without a stove or access to our dishes and cups for three days was hard (who would have thought i would get tired of eating out???) but boy was it worth it. next up, new cabinets and countertops... ok i'm dreaming. those are pretty far down the priority list. but they are on the list!!!

spring time (finally!)

we live about a half mile from a park and pond. it is finally warm enough (and light enough in the evenings) to take family walks after dinner. last time, jeremy brought his fishing pole. jacob acted interested for all of thirty seconds, then amused himself by throwing sticks in the water.
aliza and i sat and watched our boys and enjoyed some sunshine and fresh air.  then we all walked to the park for some time on the swing set and slides. aliza is still a little small for these activities, but as long as she can watch jacob run around, she is a happy camper. she sure does love her big brother!