Wednesday, March 4, 2009

76. the one other food i just cannot stomach is olives. the flavor - ick. i had a really bad experience during a lock-in in 5th grade involving a food eating relay.

77. i used to carry a pager.

78. words i hate hearing or saying (which i only say when forced to for some strange reason): panty, blouse, feminine. i know. random.

79. bryce reminded me about a good one. around about 1995 i knew what my parents bought him for christmas. he kept trying to convince me to tell him so i made up this spaceship/submarine/car thing called a johnny quest 300 (anyone else use to watch that show?) and he was firnly convinced that was what he was getting. apparently to this day he still wants one. maybe i should make up children's toys?

80. salute your shorts and hey dude were my favorite shows in elementary and middle school. we didnt have tv so if i got to watch them randomly at my grandparents house it was the best!

81. if you drew a horizontal line acrossthe center of america, i have visited all of the states the line runs through or below it and only about 2 above it. (hawaii doesnt count)

82. i had never had thai or ethiopian or salvadorian food before we moved to la. thai becuase i didnt know that i liked semi-spicy food and ethiopian becuase wichita and manhattan dont have ethiopian places. tampa maybe does but i was too young to decide for myself where to eat when i lived there. most of the salvi places are little holes in the wall i would be too scared to try for myself but girls at work have recommended.

83. every week day at lunch i drink green tea and eat an apple along with whatever else i brought for lunch. i dont ever drink green tea or eat apples at home though.

84. i drink prolly 100 oz or more of water everyday. i do live in the desert though. im a thirsty girl.

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