Tuesday, March 3, 2009

orbis terrarum challenge

Main Challenge Rules:
*The Orbis Terrarum Challenge begins March 1 2009(you are welcome to join later) Through the end of 2009.

*For the challenge each reader is to choose 10 books (for the 10 months).

*Each book must from a different country, I have decided to go by the country of origin of the author, or the country he/she lives in is fine as well.

*You don't have to have a list, that means you can change your mind at any time. As long as there are 10 from 10 different countries, written by 10 different authors: Anything goes.

The bottom line: choose 10 different books, written by 10 different authors, from 10 different countries.

1. the reader - bernhard schlink (germany)
2. whose wedding is it anyway? - melissa senate (usa)
3. revelations - melissa de la cruz (phillipines)
4. does my head look big in this? - randa abdel-fattah (australia)
5. pygmalion - george bernard shaw (ireland)
6. city of bones - cassandra clare (iran)
7. mossflower - brian jacques (england)
8. price of passion - susan napier (new zealand)
9. love in the time of cholera - gabriel garcia marquez (columbia)
10. inkheart - cornelia funke (germany)

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bethany said...

Welcome to the OT challenge! I can't wait to see what you are going to read :)

Check back often for fun at the OT blog.