Wednesday, March 30, 2011

babysitting on the couch

the cats know something weird is going on. both of them love to sit on the belly whenever possible. we call it babysitting. baby k kicks and punches them, but they don't seem to mind. odd little duckies arent they?

Monday, March 21, 2011

birthday celebration in NH

 the weekend after our birthdays we drove up to new hampshire. we stopped in manchester first and hung out with ryan and stephanie, after making a very productive stop at baby gap in the manchester mall. that is the only one i have seen that has maternity clothes too and they were having some amazing sales. for $30 i got two dresses and a sweater. yay! and baby k got his first pair of jeans and a really sweet button down shirt.

anyways, we drove out to a cute little farm and went on a sleigh ride. they took us all around and we saw animals both wild and caged, little outbuilding still decorated for the holidays, and at the end they dropped us off at a fire pit were we could roast weenies and make smores. perfect winter activity. we went out to eat after at the brazilian place where they keep bringing more meat. baby k loooves that place!
after dinner we drove down to nashua to spend the night with mark and lanelle and the girls. we stayed up too late talking, but when we woke up in the morning for church we were practically snowed in! we all six spent the day in our pjs, eating waffles and hanging out. i failed to take any pictures but it was wonderful. i got all kinds of baby snuggles in too. the snow finally stopped and we headed home.

funny how one extra day off can make a weekend into a vacation!

baby k's room

 we finally finished painting, hanging pictures, assembling furniture, and putting up shelves. the wardrobe in the corner is perfect size for baby clothes, especially since there are NO closets at all in our apartment and he needs a place for his stuff.
 we are ready for the baby and for visitors (in due time of course). and i left room above the bed for a special gift from auntie anna. :D
rump wonders why his ugly mug didnt make it into any of the family photo frames around the clock.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

what's been going on?

we've been insanely busy recently. we took a trip to new hampshire to celebrate our birthdays and see some good friends (more on that later) and have been driving the 45 or so miles back and forth to guilford last week and this week to help out at another community. this accounts for a large part of the reasons i havent been blogging. i have to use my berry as a modem and service here is spotty as we are out in the middle of nowhere (kinda).

the community here is beautiful and we've enjoyed our time here. we will back again next week too. there is a lot of wildlife on the grounds (they own several acres including a huge pond for fishing) so the cats have really enjoyed sitting in the windows and watching the birds and squirrels. rumpy tried to jump through the window to get at a particularly saucy squirrel. thankfully he just scared himself and didnt break the glass. the cats travel well (thankfully) but are starting to get even more annoyed by the sight o the carrier and their leashes than they used to.

we've been to three of our four birthing classes and have one more on monday. we will finally get to tour the maternity ward of the hospital where this little guy will get himself born! only four weeks and six days (or so, but who's counting?) to go! very weird to think that in a little over a month we will be parents. we are getting close to ready for him as far as having all the stuff we want or need (for the first few weeks anyway) but i dont think there is any way to become completely mentally ready, no matter how many classes we go to or books we read. welcome to parenthood, right?

when we are back in groton this weekend i plan to post some pictures and another post or two about what we've been up to lately. see you all then!