Friday, October 31, 2008

all cleaned out

its like spring cleaning for the colon! i drank my two rounds of phospho-soda at 7pm and 3 am and got in the car at 6 am to drive to glendale so dr. schulman could take a peek inside me and tell me how healthy i look. i remember sitting in the waiting room with jeremy. i remember taking a pregnancy test (negative and... random much?). i remember walking across a large room with a lot of other people (mostly nurses) in a hospital gown that didnt have a tie at the butt and possibly flashing all of said people in the room. (thankfully, as medical professionals in an endoscopy center, they are quite used to butts. in fact, as most people who go in for colonoscopies are over 50, seeing mine prolly made their days. it is a pretty nice one if i do say so myself.) i remember the insertion of the iv and taping the monitors to my chest and sides. i remember being asked to roll over on my left side and something about demerol and something being added... to... my... iv... snore! then i remember waking up in recovery with jeremy. all of those things are factual.

things that may or may not be true (i was on drugs - remember that):
1. that i didnt fall asleep right away and they had to give me more demerol! woot woot!
2. that i asked the doctor about going off my meds and he said only if i want the colitis to flare up.
3. that i was mumbling something to the nurses in the procedure room about how the inside of my colon (they have a monitor in the room) looks like something...??? i dont make good analogies when i am drugged. also i wasnt wearing my glasses so i am pretty sure i couldnt see the monitor anyways. which leads me to believe that although it is highly likely that i was mumbling in my sleep, i was not even forming real words, much less humorous analogies.

the doctor will be calling me sometime next week to tell me the results of my biopsies and i will ask him then, when i am fully sober, what his opinion on my going off or at least further decreasing my meds is.

after the procedure we came home and slept off the drugs (jeremy slept in solidarity with my situation) then woke up in time to eat lunch and watch kim on days of our lives. super fun. then we watched lucky number slevin which i hated at first but actually wound up being rather witty and entertaining. also josh hartnett is cute. dinner, the office, and back to beddy bye. nighty night!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

roadkill, wyoming

saturday night we went to the downberg saloon for our first murder mystery dinner party. it was set in the wild west in the little town of roadkill, wyoming. someone had killed the judge and it was up to us to figure out who. my character was butch chastity, gunslinging, stage coach robbing wild child, and jeremy was p'elvis swagern, a stranger in town to avenge his sweetheart's death. it was so much fun as clues were revealed about each character and we tried to figure out whodunit. was it the mexican mistress who had three husbands die suddenly, the indian chief whose entire tribe was gone, the local madam or the grieving mother of 13 dead sons? everyone dressed up and really got into their characters.

we had bbq chicken and cornbread and baked beans - the perfect western meal. it was great. one of our hostesses also blogged about the night here. everyone had a cheesy name and a hilarious backstory and it was great fun. if you ever have the opportunity to do one of these you definitely should.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My dad mailed me a puzzle. It was kind of a joke but I love puzzles so I put it together. It wasn't a new puzzle so I was expecting missing pieces but as it turns out only one was missing. An edge piece. We were disappointed. But here is the (almost) finished product.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

clip of the week

last night jeremy and i went to my first and his second nba game. the clippers were playing the phoenix suns at the staples center. we went and parked at the subway stop then got to eat at panera for dinner. this was great for two main reasons. 1. we used to eat at panera literally every day when we were living with kevina and nikki and we had forgotten how much we liked the food and 2. i have been cooking a lot over the past month (saves money and is healthier - win win) so it was nice to get a complete break from that. after dinner we got on the train and headed to downtown la. the subway stop by the staples center is just that. right by the staples center. closer than the parking and cheaper and plus the intangible bonus of not having to fight traffic. it only took about 45 minutes from start to finish (including having to walk all the way around the staples center complex, which is massively huge, to get to will call where our tickets were being held). we got our seats - way way up but in the center of the court which was actually perfect and settled in to watch the fan patrol (cheerleaders) and clippers spirit (dance team) get us fired up. they suck. seriously. the trinity cheerleaders were doing better stunts and the classy cats were both classier (can you imagine?) and more talented. i was disappointed because honestly the cheer/dance routines are part of my favorite thing about sporting events.

when the suns took the floor we saw robin lopez run out in his uniform. he was one of the twin boys who played for stanford last year (you would prolly recognize his fro). the funny thing about him is that he and his brother and other raccous friends were camping next to us when we were at sequoia this summer. so we kinda felt like we knew him and his habits (stay up until 4am playing bad guitar and talking really loudly, sleeping off a hangover until 2pm, not knowing how to put up a tent or cook over an open fire or pack for camping really at all etc.). when he got 3 fouls in the first 5 minutes of the game we were laughing. at least it was preseason so he actually got to start and get some experience. he did wind up fouling out later in the game (side note: the nba has some really weird rules about fouls and "delay of game" and other things. the whole game i was saying "i didnt know that was a rule")

the first three quarters were really close and semi exciting with the clippers staying in the lead most of the time. the fourth quarter they basically stopped playing and wound up losing the game. it was fun though.

shaq was there, sitting on the suns' bench (leaning over in the tan jacket). (another side note: the one other nba game jeremy has been to was on a bowl trip in college in phoenix so he has seen the suns play both times years apart in different cities. strange huh?) he is a HUUUUge man, even next to all the other larger than life basketball players. his jacket would be a long dress for me and i am not what anyone would consider short.

it was fun, but it was a late night in a string of late nights and today i am tired and cranky and VERY impatiently waiting for ceci to get to work with my new blackberry! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

berry berry excited

my friend ceci and her husband and brother in law signed new t-mobile contracts on saturday and got three free phones with 30 days to upgrade. she already has a berry pearl so ingeniously and graciously offered to let me use one of her upgrades to buy a replacement berry curve. i had just enough saved at home (yay envelope system) to pay for it. yesterday afternoon i went with her to the bank to deposit it then sat while she called and pretended to be her husband to the tmobile guy. conversation as follows:

ceci: hi my name is javier (JAY veer) l--- and i am calling to trade in my phone.
tmobile guy: javier? i always thoguht that was a man's name.
ceci:i was named after my dad. youngest of five daughters.
tmg:oh cool. what phone blah blah blah $200 blah blah blah add it to your bill. ships today.
ceci: ok thank you!

(ceci and meaghan laughing hysterically because he really believed her name was javier because she pronounced it funny.)

so my new berry is in the mail on its way to her house. im practically jumping out of my skin i am so happy. less than half price when you sign the new contract. shes a freaking genius. seriously.

guess who's turning 1?

our friends eric and christina were some of the first people in our small group way back when. then they got pregnant and about a year ago had baby ashley. i can even believe that we have known people here in LA to cover the whole length of prepregnancy, pregnancy, and first year of life. anyways she really went for it on saturday when they gave her the cake. it was pretty funny. she also has been studying (and passing all her tests in aunt meaghan's how to be a princess class. she loved wearing that sparkly crown and kept touching it to make sure it was still there.

i was remembering max's first birthday and how my mom tried to get him to play in the frosting and he wouldn't do it because at that time he HATED getting dirty. she even put his hand in the frosting to show him that it was ok and he cried until she washed it off. pretty awesome. now he is in 8th grade and dirty all the time from being outside. my baby brother. aw. tear.

spreading like wildfire

this round of fires has been the closest to us in terms of peoplei know and work with having to evacuate etc. scary. but the actual fires are far enough away from us that the only effect it is having is air quality warning because of the ash in the air and a faint burning smell. somehow in the midst of the fires and the "fall" super dry air, there are still huge puddles that i am forced to ride my bike through on the way to and from work everyday... all my pants have nasty water stains on the cuffs and, mysteriously, the butt. (i think the back wheel kicks it up there). which is great. i love extra laundry whenever i get the opportunity, just like all of you i imagine.

in other news i got an email from my boss from last year and i am pretty sure i get to go to the oscars again this year! cant even believe it! it is the day after my birthday which we are currently planning to spend at disneyland (everyone gets in free on their birthday in 2009 - sign up on the website). so it will be an action packed weekend. it is far enough away that i can start saving up sleep hours and hopefully make it through. :D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

doctor's orders

i went to the doctor and guess what he told me (guess what he told me).
he said, "girl you better try and have fun no matter what you." but he's a fool.

actually he said my next colonoscopy will be october 30. so yay. actually i am kinda excited (not for the actual prep and procedure but to hear him tell we that i look completely healthy and happy and that he doesnt even recognize it as my colon). then i can say that #1 my what would jordan eat plan is working pretty darn well and #2 can i stop taking my medication?

if he lets me then i will have accomplished all of my new years resolutions by october 30. not too shabby.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

giving life

on friday after work i headed to the elk lodge to donate blood. it has been a really long time since i have been eligible (stupid accutane!) and i am a weird person who actually likes to give blood. cassie and i had quite the collection of blood donation shirts in college. the elk lodge of burbank is hidden behind a huge self storage unit. so basically, it is impossible to find.

jeremy had bought us tickets for a 5:30 movie and my appoinment was for 4:30. I was trying to get there extra early to have plenty of time to get to the movie but i wound up being only a few minutes early. then i waited forever to do my little question and answer session (featuring winning questions like "have you every had sexual contact with anyone who has been paid for sex? way have you had sexual contact with a man who has had sex with another man since 1977? seriously? have you met jeremy? NO WAY! have you spent more than thirty days outside the US in any of these countries? sadly no have you gotten a tattoo or body piercing in the last year? also sadly, no) then they took a sample from my finger to do an iron test (which i fail about half the time but passed with winning colors this go round - yay me! the normal range of hemoglobin is 12-20 for women and i was 13.6. i remember when i was really sick in high school it was always like a 4 or 5 which is practically dead) then i got all hooked up with the bags and needles and pumped that bag full in record time. did you know that there is actaully a minimum amount of time it has to take or else your blood isnt usable? i always am just seconds away from crossing that threshold.

i get un-needled and bandaged up then go to the snack table. they tell me i have to wait 15 minutes but i slammed down some cheez-its and oj and snuck out to meet jeremy.

the worst part of the whole thing was the sticky ace bandage-like thing they wrapped my arm with gave me a weird rash that hurt and itched all night. and my finger hurt. but my arm felt fine. i did get a little dizzy running on saturday morning. that might be why they say no vigorous exercise for 24 hours... ???

find a blood drive near you and give life!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

proud to be an american

and i am not saying that tongue in cheek. i really am. i like voting, even if in california we are given way too many choices and props to vote on for me to keep everything straight. up until now my civic service has consisted of voting and encouraging others to do the same. (and giving blood, which i am doing tomorrow)

today i did something i have never ever done beofre (or even really thought about doing). i wrote an email to my representative in the house, howard berman, encouraging him to vote no on the bailout plan. i didnt actually vote for him, but apparently all my neighbors did, so he is my guy now. i feel really proud of myself for participating in the workings of our government and speaking up for what i believe in. you should contact your congress people whenever you know about an issue that they are about to vote on the you feel strongly about one way or the other. they work for you!!!

we watched part of the presidential debates on friday then i got really bored but we have it dvr-ed so we can finish it later.i have a recording set for the palin-biden showdown tonight.

i could rally go for a tina fey as palin- biden showdown. thats some funny stuff right there and i dont care who you are. it is funny.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

wherefore art thou, fall?

so last wek it was getting fall-ish in socal, or as fallish as socal can be. this week we are back in the 90s and 100s. this makes riding my bike home miserable. just thought i would share.

one of my friends is getting married outside on nov 1 and i have NO idea what kind of a dress i should buy. long sleeve? short? sandals or closed toe? is it going to be 50 or 70 or 90 degrees? i am waiting to look for a dress which means i will be shopping at the last minute and totally stressed out. grrrr. at least a couple weeks out i will have a better idea about what the weather will be like. also it is unlikely that the weather will change at the last minute.

speaking of weather (isnt that what this whole post is really about anyways?) it rained on monday! and by rain i mean for about two minutes in the afternoon the sky kinda dripped. i could have stood outside the whole time and barely even gotten wet. the humidity was actually at 50%. can you believe it? i only had to lotion up twice during the day instead of every hour like usual. lotioning and oiling and lotioning and oiling... sometimes i feel like thats all i do. hopefully squints paladores finds me soon.