Tuesday, June 28, 2011

we're coming home!

jeremy, jakey and i are moving to wichita! really really soon!

we gave our notice a couple of weeks ago and i am finished working this friday. saturday my mom, jakey and i are leaving groton and heading to wichita via nashville. jeremy and max are driving the uhaul and going a different route. by july 4th we will all be home, safe and sound.

the bad part is that jeremy has to fly back to connecticut and work for the rest of july.

the great news is that i already have a part time, work from home job. very happy about that. i miss my baby when i am working.

it was all kinda sudden, but we are happy that jakey will get to grow up with his cousins and family. and we are happy that we get to be near all of our family too.

soooo. how excited are you? cant wait to reconnect with all of my wichita/kansas friends. if anyone has a cute house for rent next door, let me know! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

uncle max!

both boys in their plaid shorts!

uncle max has been staying with us since june 1 and watching the baby while i am working. so far so good - he even managed to change a diaper (and got the full fire hose effect, poor guy). he is quickly becoming a jiggling expert and jakey doesnt give him too hard of a time.

8 Weeks? You've GOT to be Kidding!

 i cant believe it has been eight weeks already since we had jakey. everyone who is a parent knows how fast the time flies. it is getting hard to remember the almost six years of life jeremy and i had together before this kid! he started smiling at people on his seven week birthday: me first, then daddy, then uncle max. he still hasnt smiled at rumpy or cricket. :)

also on his seven week birthday he slept 6 hours straight at night! he has done that one other time since, and i love it. otherwise he is pretty good about sleeping four or so hours, waking up, eating, and going straight back to sleep for a few more hours. i am getting over the zombie stage of motherhood, and very happy about that.
he got his first set of shots today and didnt cry too much. of course he only got two shots instead of all the usuals because we declined several of the vaccines. the doctor said that even the kids who get the rotovirus vaccine get rotovirus - what's the point then? he has been extra fussy this afternoon but sleeping most of the time thankfully.

he gained about two pounds in the last month and grew and inch and a half - 23.5 inches and 12 lbs, 11 oz. He is in the 75th percentile for height and weight. He talks and looks and does everything that a two month old is supposed to be doing!

Friday, June 17, 2011

parental visit: second set

shortly after my mom left, jeff and barb arrived! they came bearing k-state gifts, which are ALWAYS welcome in our little connecticut house! :) jakey loves wearing his k-state socks all the time. darci also sent some adorable little onsies with john deere stuff embroidered on them. LOVE!

we spent a lot of time with them exploring the area and trying some new restaurants (and some old standards).

it was great to spend time with them. we got to eat at mystic pizza, and barb amazed me by being able to tell me what year she went and saw the movie, who she went with and the plot.  That movie came out in 1988! i cant even remember what i wore yesterday until i do the laundry... (mommy brain at its finest).