Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Junky Arm

Nine days after my three hour glucose test, my left arm still looks like I've been doing heroin. The good news is that I do not have gestational diabetes. The bad news is that the crook of my elbow still hurts!
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Monday, January 24, 2011

update on the little guy

we went in today for an ultrasound. we got to see our son swimming around in there. he has finally turned head down and decided today to start kicking me in the ribs. oh the small joys of motherhood.

he weighs about 2 lbs 11 oz right now and has those nice long legs you would expect from the offspring of two people shaped like jeremy and me.

he helped mommy and daddy move all our stuff out of the storage unit and into our new apartment upstairs this morning. we went to babies'r'us and bought his crib and stroller/car seat. jeremy is upstairs right now assembling the crib and spare bed in the little closet/second bedroom. next weekend we will be moving all of our stuff in our current apartment up and living up there.

we are so happy to start puting otgether the little guy's room and preparing for his arrival! we have signed up of birth classes at the hospital - they start in february. we will have a few purcahses to make to complete our new little nest upstairs (like a dresser or two or three, since there isn't a single closet in the whole place and a couch) and i think some painting, but i can't wait!

baby koci will be here in about 11 weeks (give or take) and we are well on our way to being ready!

Friday, January 21, 2011

kansas trip 2011: koci family shower

 darci made a cute diaper cake and the family loaded it down with gift cards! we've been doing some shopping online with some of them, and as soon as we move to the upstairs apartment that is a little bit bigger, we will go and buy our crib and stroller/car seat. i can't wait!!!!
 the women all made tons of food - we ate non stop all day and it was great. YUM. nothing a pregnant lady likes more than a buffet!
the whole family was together in one room for the first time in ages! look at all of us! next time we are all in the same room there will be one more little koci. he is excited to meet his big cousins!

kansas trip 2011: family time!

 i got to have some serious baby time with garrett, the newest (but not for long!) member of the koci family.i spent tons of time with garrett's big brother and sister too, but for some reason didn't take a single picture with either of them :(
 we stayed with shane and darci and it was great to see them too! i have just this one super awkward picture of me and darci - again, i awas apparently a failure at taking pictures.
during our shower we got to see tons of family that we never get to see ever, like aunt corrine!

spending so much time with our families was wonderful. the kids are growing up so fast and everyone's lives are constantly changing - new kids, new jobs, new houses... it is hard to keep up from 1500+ miles away!

Monday, January 17, 2011

kansas 2011 shower #1

 the ladies from central threw us a shower. it was great. not only did we get some great stuff and gift cards for the little guy, i got to see some friends that i havent seen in ages and actually spend time talking to them.
 everyone kept asking me where the baby bump was. he's defintiely in there, but he wasn't poking out so much then. now is a whole different story. all the people at work tell me they think i'm growing by the second. that's the way to a pregnant lady's heart, let me tell you.
 the diaper cake was cute and the little monkey guarding the gift cards was sweet. our little guy is going to have so many cute stuffed animals. not only have we received several as gifts, there are a few of ours in storage from when we were little. i kinda hope that jeremy's old grover becomes his favorite.
most importantly. he received his first k-state gear. it is size 12 mos, so he will definitely need something smaller for football season, but i am happy that our little wildcat will be properly attired for march madness next year. after all, raise a child in the way he should go... and all that, right?

kansas 2011 part 1

after a nightmarish airplane trip, my brother bryce and his girlfriend picked me, jeremy andjeremy's luggage up at the kc airport. not so much my luggage. we made it home for dinner and to celebrate my baby brother's sixteenth birthday. SIXTEEN. yikes.
the next day, after the arrival of my luggage at 3:30 in the morning, my mom and i spent some girl time together. we went and got our toes done, shopped for me and the baby and just played around. we also took some quick time to visit the holiday retirement building in wichita. it was exactly like the building in kittery that we trained in, so i gave my mom a practice tour. we also went to her doctor's office so she could here the little guy's heartbeat. it was great. we arrived home to a small situation with my parents air conditioner unit (thankfully it is winter time and they can fix it).

 after dealing with that, we all went out to eat to celebrate my dad's birthdya and max's again. p.f. changs was delicious as usual. the company was fabulous too. we were loud and the waitress had no idea what to do with all of us, but it was just the way we all liked it. and i had clothes to wear. so that was good.