Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the magic of motown: week 3 of american idol

lets take some risks!

is everyone sufficiently nervous after ryan's awkward opening monologue about alexis's :shocking" elimination? even though she wasnt that good (and just a little bit annoying) so of course she was eliminated.

first up, matt seems like this might be his thing. skin check! he is singing one of my all time favorite songs EVER. who doesnt like marvin gaye's lets get it on??? thats right, no one. not bad matt.

kris...cheesy and somehow slightly pretenious at the same time. too bad we cant put kris face with matts voice. then we may have something marketable to work with. these first two guys have picked really good song s- everyone is familiar with them so they can sing along and clap, but they arent like celine dion songs that are "untouchable." also because celine dion would be really out of place in motown week for sure.

scott, youre wearing pink pants. was that a prank someone is playing on you or did you actually ask for someone to get you a pair of pink pants? i was saying to jeremy during the commericals before his performance "the weird thing is that he always picks songs sung by women. if he picks a diana ross song tonight someone should take him out back and put him out of his misery." then he sings a freaking majorly gay diana ross song. anyone seen my best friends wedding? yeah that character was gay. thanks scott. please go away now. but im starting to think there may be something to this gift of prophecy thing that people keep telling me i might have.

oh megan, not only do you spell your name incorrectly (or i guess your parents did), but you really are kinda strange. i like the unique qualities of your voice but it never quite translates into a good performance. let adele and amy winehouse do what they do and you can go back to utah. and stop with the weird shoulder shaking. the backup singers were kicking ass and taking names during this song though. go girls!

oooh, noopy, noopy... eh. wasnt bad for sure. definitely wasnt my boy robin thicke either. he can ooh baby baby better than anyone out there.

aint too proud to beg is about a man's last chance with his woman. this might be michaels last chance to beg for our votes. i really like him and his family but i cannot picture myself ever purchasing music made by him. not that his voice is bad is just isnt anything special. sorry mikey!

seriously, who i styling lil rounds? the recession needs to get them out of a job and leave room for someone who knows what they are doing. she is a good singer but did anyone else feel like she was shouting at us through the tv?

we will skip right over adams hair and talk about how sweet that song was. wow. loved it. i am beginning to think he can do no wrong. love him! "one of the best performances of the night" is eight words if i am not mistaken. not six.

how does danny think he knows better than freaking smokey robinson? i believe he was counseled to sing the "outta sight" etc parts himself and he just ignored mr. robinson. those are the best little parts! his performance was good but wasnt extra special. still with the awkward dancing though.

diggin my girls outfil. she is such a bad ass. allison you are awesome. thats it. top three material i think, even if you are only 16.

bottom three prediction: michael, anoop, and megan

paula and simon are whack. crack is whack. therfore, paula and simon = crack.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

Ooo I always look forward to your AI posts. Accurate as usual on your opinions. I agree, although I didn't really like Adam last week, the leather zipper pants were quite scceerrrrry... but i'm old so.... love him last night though. Actually Adam reminded me more of Robin Thicke than did Kris, but I'm with you there 100%.

Oh and yeah, I saw your 'twit' about the running shirt thing, it is nearly imposible to find a summer running shirt with pockets... sad but true. I swear my post is coming soon, I did find a running tank with a pocket, but the cell phone doesn't fit.