Friday, March 6, 2009

the top 13

after wednesdays episode of american idol was thinking "well this top 9 is ok. kinda boring. but besides tatiana, alot of the contestants seem kinda boring. and i know lil rounds is a good singer, but something about her rubs me the wrong way. oh well." then they announced who was contesding for the other "3" spots in the top "12." most of them i was ambivalent about but i love anoop and was deathly afraid of seeing more of tatiana. last night we watched the show and were happy with the first two girls they picked (although this megan chicks dancing/shaking/seizing thing she does while dancing is really weird to watch i do like her voice) then right before they said who was the final spot in the top 12 our dvr recording stopped. so i had to go online to see who they picked only to find out that they picked 13 instead of 12. and that my boy anoop was #13. woohoo! some of the people in the top 13 i dont really remember at all. so i guess next week they better do a good job of catching up airtime to the crazies that they spent so much time on earlier in the season. overall thoguh, i am just uninspired by this years crop. notice they havent been saying "oh this is the best most talented group of people ever" like they did every five seconds last year (which i disagreed with but whatever).

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