Sunday, March 15, 2009

this weekend

friday night i went to the renaissance hotel for a fancy party - a thank you from the ampas publicity department. it was really nice. we were on the top (20th) floor of the hotel and the room had walls of windows. we were able to watch the sunset over the hollywood hills while eating and drinking. very nice.

saturday morning was the triathlon. ill have a whle other post about this but suffice it to say these two things: 1. my garmin watch was amazing (and proved we ran and biked WAY more than the advertised 5k/15k) and 2. being 25 is a lot different from being 24.

jeremy came and cheered us on then brought me home to shower and change and eat before heading out to our first flag football game. this was supposed to be a friendly no-touch game. our team wound up with a head wound requiring 13 stitches (good thing lance is on our team and kris works in derm!) (not mine), several bruises and minor cuts (mine) and some seriously skinned knees (jeremys). im sure other members have various aches and pains as well. we played a team of serious thugs and score was too embarrassing to even share. we lost and ill leave it at that. but overall it was fun. there was only one ref which resulted in some really poor calls (including two touchdowns that were out the back end of the endzone and therefore not really touchdowns at all but im not bitter or anything). i wont be at the game in two weeks but after that its on!

we came home from the game after dropping lance off and watching kris stitch ryans head up ( i was the physicians assistant assistant). reminded me of the time bryce was riding his skateborad in the garage during my moms basket party and knocked the wheelbarrow over on himself and we all went to the emergency room and i got to watch them stitch up his arm. pretty sweet. we ate dinner and licked our wounds (lots of icy hot and neosporin) and watched tv. i fell asleep at 8:45 and woke up at 7. not too shabby.

today we are lazing around, trying to catch up on cleaning this house, and this afternoon i am meeting other diana gabaldon fans for cheesecake. back to work tomorrow... :(

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