Wednesday, March 11, 2009

week 1: michael jackson

starting the show - lil rounds has a great voice but i couldnt take my eyes off the huge man bulge caused by the unfortunate fit of her pants, as well as her enormous ass. normally i wouldnt say that but it was totally the pants's fault. white highwaisted pleated pants look good on so few people, possibly no one. certainly not someone who is shaped like a normal person with hips and a butt. i couldnt even listen to her i was so distracted. kind of dug her shirt though.

oh scott. you seem like such a nice person and i think it is wonderful that you are visually impaired and can play the piano. you just dont have a voice that is good enough for me to imagine listening to it on the radio. and commercial music is what this show is about after all.

danny: "we got school tomorrow...early" that whole thing was a little bit ridiculous. thank you producers! i love his glasses. i think he has a bunch of different pairs.

michael, you and your family are adorable. i would be surprised if you make it past the top 6. but i like you. i really like you. apparently, you are one of those who sounds better in person because i was bored but the judges were wowed.

i love that jasmines footage was of her family watching her on american idol. in general im not a fan of people as young as her on the show. i am definitely a different person than i was at 16 and i just dont think these kids have a good enough i dea of themselves much less themselves as an artist. just a thought.

kris... kris who? i dont remember even seeing him before. and i definitely takes two people to pull spaghetti out of a box.

forget what i said earlier about 16 years olds. i love allison and all her red headedness. anyone who performs at la curacao is ok with me.

noop doggie dog - i pity the fool who marries you. i like you but you seem a little bit spoiled. the michael jackson jacket was cool i guess but i wasnt impressed. im waiting to remember why i liked you so much all the way from your auditions... but your mom is adorable!

jorge reminds me a little bit of hector. i think it is his eyes. or curly hair. they dont look anything alike for sure. michale jackson with a little latin accent and flavor. im digging it. not digging his jacket as much though. what is with these people - dont they have stylists by now? if the contestants are making these poor wardrobe decisions thats one thing - they have an excuse. if someone was paid to find these jackets or those horrible white pants they should be shot. or at least fired. i think i am going to have nightmares about the white pants.

i cannot stand the way megan dances. i think i am prejudiced against her because she spells her name wrong but the caw! caw! at the end of her song didnt help matters. i do like her voice. hard to watch though. her hair stylist kind of only did the front of her hair. the back was all ratty and frizzy. weird.

i love adam. hes my fave. what a rockstar. very sexy too. the girls are going crazy over him! he kinda has that seventies rockstar androgynous thing going on. worked for them though huh? i dig the blue streak in his hair too (of course). doesnt he have a background in musical theater too? hes just got it all going on. and the judges loved him too. side note: how does ryan know what a herkie is?

is matt's dad dying? thats how his talking head sounded. the judges liked his performance but i was yawning.

could alexis's skirt be any shorter? i have a feeling she will be getting on my nerves for many weeks to come, unfortunately.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

IEIIEI! I love this post. I agree, except I can't remember who Michael is... that's sad. I watched last night and still don't remember him. HORRIBLE.

Glad you like the new look of the blog, I never know when I put something new up, so I appreciate the feedback. And I have a post JUST FOR YOU coming, probably later tonight. All about where to stash stuff on a run, I even mention the post is for you.

And the nerve of someone spelling megan wrong... just plain wrong.