Sunday, March 8, 2009

my birthday party!!!!

kim threw me the best 25th birthday party ever last night. we started at her house for delicious tapas and cocktails and spent some time catching up. it was great to spend some time with some of my girls (especially the ones i dont get to see very often!) i got a birthday crown and birthday martini glass and lots of other great stuff. i have the best friends ever.

we left kim's and went out to universal citywalk. we started this portion of the evening at howl at the moon, a dueling piano bar. they performers are hilarious (and slightly risque). i got a birthday serenade from the entire place. they had me sit on the piano while they sang a couple songs... it was awesome! i was lucky - some people had to share their birthday glory with others. im just not that kind of girl... ;) then i got a birthday bumper sticket... follow me to the moon!!!
we left there and went to the rumba room for a little dancing. the music selection was great at first but wound up poor at best so we left for...
my birthday bull ride!!! i rode it like a pro! i made it waaay more than 8 seconds. jeremy was very proud when i told him later. we hung out for a little while at saddle ranch chop house for the last drinks of the night while waiting for jeremy to come pick us up. the music there was way better (songs in english! yay!) kim was taking pictures of me riding the bull like a mom at a soccer match. it was great.
so the first time i celebrated 25 was amazing. heres hoping next year is just as good!

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