Monday, December 8, 2008

my favorite christmas carols

we went to one of mosaic's christmas shows on saturday night and stage managed service on sunday morning. all the trees and lights and christmas carols. its beginning to feel a little bit like christmas. we arent decorating this year for two reasons: 1. all of our shristmas stuff is in storage and there is no room for it in our little apartment anyways and 2. we are leaving christmas day for jacksonville and it seems rather anticlimatic to decorate and then leave. that, combined with the fact that it is between 60 and 80 degrees here makes for a not very christmassy feeling. but i have heard two of my three favorite christmas songs so far theis year and i am holding out hope for #3.

1. silver bells - grammer and i used to play this song all the time (i mean all summer and everything) while we burned incense and played poker and drank chocolate shakes... i had a great childhood.

2. little drummer boy - a surprisingly controversial song. most people love it or hate it.

3. o come o come emmanuel - it doesnt seem very chirstmassy but i love this song. i was reading the verses online and i have never even heard some of them but i still love it.

what are your favorite christmas carols and why?

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mommy said...

mine is silver bells too for similar fond memory reasons. me and aunt norma and nana and grandpa bussey walking down the street in old downtown tampa when they used to go crazy decorating and they would play carols over the loud speakers and all the storefronts would have elaborate displays. we were all walking-holding hands- and singing along. i was maybe 9 yrs old. silver bells silver bells its christmas time in the city .... i still cry every single time i hear that song. see- and you thought you knew everything about your mother. loveyoubye