Wednesday, November 12, 2008

malibu camping: the second edition part deux

saturday morning we rolled out our sleeping bags around 6:30. eleven hours of sleep. not too bad. we made our eggs in a bag then ran across the highway to the beach to call sarah and ryan and let them know which site we were at and to bring a ladle because i forgot mine and soup is hard to stir and serve without one.

then we waited. i worked on one of many baby blankets that i am making (everyone is having a baby except me, which i am totally fine with for now) and we played bocce. the sandbergs showed up at noon. we cooked sausages over the fire and then took kia to the beach. it was her first trip and after overcoming her fear of the waves/tide she started attacking the waves as they rolled back to sea. it was pretty funny. then we went rock climbing.

i made it to the normal person height and then ryan and jeremy decided to take that a step farther and climb all the way to the top. i was happy that jeremy has life insurance and scared for sarah because ryan doesnt. those crazy monkeys. kia halfheartedly attempted to follow them but didnt get very far.

the weather was perfect. i was in a tshirt and shorts for most of the day then put on longsleeves at the beach. but i got some sun in the morning! my cheeks were pink on sunday. :D i love socal!!!! we headed back to camp and played laddreball. we girls won the first two straight (with some great tosses under pressure by yours truly) and ryan changed his mind about playing best out of three to best our of five. then the boys won two straight and then it was getting dark so we had to stop. we ate taco soup for dinner followed by the most amazing licorice i have ever tasted from trader joes. it tasted like gushers without the squirty stuff in the middle. yum! after dinner the wind was really picking up so the five of us trooped into our tent to play some games. we played a dice game that i was horrible at and then this french card automobile game ( i was going to write card car game but thought everyone would think i just typed card twice and once poorly) called milles bourne (i think?). ryan and i versed jeremy and sarah. we lost but it was SO much fun. i am going to have to find that game and order it. kia was very well-behaved in the tent, staying on her blanket and occasionally emitting the most powerful stenchy gas ever. glad we had the windows open!

sunday morning we ate breakfast and packed up. the wind (love those santa anas!) was insane and we could even fold up our tent so jeremy just shoved it in the trunk to deal with later. sarah had to get back to reality for a rehearsal (christmas show rehearsals already!!!) so we left early-ish in the morning.
we took disappointing showers and unpacked. cricket was SO happy to see us - she was hungry! she had licked her can of food completely clean and her food bowl had crumbs in it. she still had plenty of water and she is in no danger of starving to death if you know what i mean. but it did make for a joyful reunion/welcome home!

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