Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my panties

are you completely scadalized yet?

i got a card in the mail (like victoria's secret often sends out) for a free pair of panties and $10 off any bra. so jeremy and i went to the mall and hit vs whilst we were there. when we walked in a saw a big sign advertising a sale on their cotton underwear (my fave): 7 for $25. so i picked out 8 new pairs and we checked out. 8 pairs for $26.56. not too shabby.

tonight i did the wash and washed all my new undies (i actually hate the word panties but it is so provocative which i love). i also washed old undies which i knew i was going to throw away.

is it weird that i wash underwear before throwing them away? throwing away dirty underwear completely grosses me out. am i crazy? anyone?


mommy said...

i raised you right. dirty panties are BAD in any situation. it does not matter. they are bad. although with economic times being what they are old cotton panties make great rags to clean with. how much more provocative can you get. loveyoubye

Mandy said...

Yes you are crazy but that is why I love you and evidence that we are friends! I love it that you wash old undies before throwing them away... I love this post alot! Thanks for writing it!

Sarah said...

Totally got my free pair yesterday! And, yes, you are weird silly girl.