Tuesday, December 9, 2008

current pet peeves

1. people who don't tag themselves in pictures when you upload pictures to an album on facebook, just because it is your album doesnt mena that you dont have to tag yourself. you do. just do it.

2. people who have smartphones with full qwerty keypads and word recognition who use cutesy little text abbreviations seriously? like typing thanks instead of thx or you are instead of you are really takes that much longer on a full keypad? it doesn't. so please act like you graduated high school and passed english and write real words. i fully understand people using t9 who dont want to type it all out because it is a pain. all you berry and iphone users out there - im watching you!

3. speaking of grammar, and i know ive harped on this before but it still bothers me, your is NOT the same as you're look it up and use it correctly. the only people who have a pass on this are people who do not have english as their first language and people under the age of 8. (same goes for there they're their)

4. people who park their cars in the middle of the street and turn their flashers on all the while completely blocking traffic turning on your flashers doesnt mean we can drive through the space your car is occupying. get out of the freaking street. pull into a driveway or something if you are loading or unloading.

im having a bad day and my boss is grumpy and so im grumpy. this rant helped get it all out.

tonight should be a great night though - dinner with uncle mike then to a club to see justin play then maybe rehearsal if it is still going strong.

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Amy said...

oooh, I think I broke the first of your pet peeves. I'm notorious at not tagging. I'll try to be better :)