Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i voted. did you?

here is a sad but true statement about my voting in this election. i cared more about prop 2 than the presidential vote. part of that comes from knowing i live in a blue state, and part of that comes from not really liking either of the two main choices all that much. i almost voted for the green party (cynthia and rosa) but two women in the white house is just crazy talk (besides the fact that they would never ever win).

the funnier thing is, prop 2 wasnt even the gay marriage prop that was super hyped.

all i want is for all the chickens to be able to stretch their wings and have enough room to turn around in their cages. prop 2 passed overwhelmingly so thats good. (even though it is dangerous. and risky. and may cost me money. those ads are so ridiculous.) since we buy free range eggs anyways it didnt matter.

the thing that irritated me about watching election coverage was the news station (we were watching nbc) calling the race for obama at 8:01 pm (PST). obviously he has won by a pretty healthy margin and i think at this point it is indisputable but last night when california had barely closed the polls and there were still lines out the door at most polling places on the west coast and 0% of precincts were reporting in how can someone call the race at that point? and mccain just rolled over and made the phone call right away. he didnt even say wait and see. oh well. his speech was gracious and (hopefully) unifying. obama's kinda drug on and on. i stopped listening.

but it is pretty cool that i got to see our first black president. someday my kids will be studying this in senior government and i can tell them all about the historic election. so thats cool.

the most important point i have heard anyone say is for all of us to remember that washington d.c. isnt the end all be all for the world. and that our god is WAY bigger than the united states. hard to believe for us egocentric americans, but he could work through john or obama or cynthia and rosa.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one...those poor chickens! As for the Presidential nominees, it's too bad I'm reduced to voting for the person I DISlike the least.