Friday, November 28, 2008


yesterday jeremy adn i met some of our friends out in la canada flinthills to run a 5k turkey trot. it was jeremy's (and all our friends) first race. there was live music, lots of dogs, and people with turkey hats (made out of fabric NOT real birds). we had a great time and at the end felt like we really earned our big meal! since my training for this race was lackluster at best, i didnt get a PR or anything. there was a couple of long slight hills that made the run really hard! all six of us finished within about 5 or so minutes of each other and we got free t-shirts AND helped feed the hungry. not a bad day's work... and all before 9 am!
jeremy and i came home and showered and put our pjs back on. we just ate dinner by ourselves and hung out and watched g.i. jane, the macy's parade, and football. it was GREAT! i madea turkey breast with apple cranberry stuffing, green bean casserole, cornbread, and mashed potatoes. we bought a pumpkin pie but when we went to eat it is was moldy!!!! we almost cried. hopefully we can get one at the store today. the cool whip in the fridge is lonely.
things i am thankful for:
jeremy and cricket
my friends and family
rex the yaris
my bike (i li-i-i-ike my bi-i-i-ike)
high heels
a job and health insurance
my blackberry
los angeles public library
what are you thankful for?


Aunt Norma said...

You didn't mention me by name, you just kinda lumped me in with family and friends and now I'm feeling so vanilla. I am anything but vanilla. I'm just sayin.
Congrats on your turkey run. Now pull out that fricking bucket list of yours and put a baby on it - - with a check mark next to it. Chop chop.

mommy said...

very nicely put norm. love you meggie