Wednesday, October 29, 2008

roadkill, wyoming

saturday night we went to the downberg saloon for our first murder mystery dinner party. it was set in the wild west in the little town of roadkill, wyoming. someone had killed the judge and it was up to us to figure out who. my character was butch chastity, gunslinging, stage coach robbing wild child, and jeremy was p'elvis swagern, a stranger in town to avenge his sweetheart's death. it was so much fun as clues were revealed about each character and we tried to figure out whodunit. was it the mexican mistress who had three husbands die suddenly, the indian chief whose entire tribe was gone, the local madam or the grieving mother of 13 dead sons? everyone dressed up and really got into their characters.

we had bbq chicken and cornbread and baked beans - the perfect western meal. it was great. one of our hostesses also blogged about the night here. everyone had a cheesy name and a hilarious backstory and it was great fun. if you ever have the opportunity to do one of these you definitely should.

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