Wednesday, November 12, 2008

test results

the doctor called on monday (after i had to call him and remind him that i was waiting for him to call me) with my test results from the biopsies he took during my colonoscopy a couple weeks ago. there were no signs of cancer or pre-cancerous cells or dysplasia (which may be the wrong word because i think hip dyplasia is something golden retrievers are prone too). so thats a big wahoo!

the downside was he said there was inflammation correlating to mild ulcerative colitis. so although i feel great, my insides are still a little bit sickly. so i have to keep taking my medication for now. boo!

maybe when i see him in six months he will give me other better news.


annaO said...

Bummer! Yucky medicine.

Also, dysplasia is the correct term. It means abnormal growth or development of organs or cells. Look at me! I know the answer! Pick me, pick me!

mommy said...

boo is right. i'm sorry babe. loveyoubye