Friday, October 31, 2008

all cleaned out

its like spring cleaning for the colon! i drank my two rounds of phospho-soda at 7pm and 3 am and got in the car at 6 am to drive to glendale so dr. schulman could take a peek inside me and tell me how healthy i look. i remember sitting in the waiting room with jeremy. i remember taking a pregnancy test (negative and... random much?). i remember walking across a large room with a lot of other people (mostly nurses) in a hospital gown that didnt have a tie at the butt and possibly flashing all of said people in the room. (thankfully, as medical professionals in an endoscopy center, they are quite used to butts. in fact, as most people who go in for colonoscopies are over 50, seeing mine prolly made their days. it is a pretty nice one if i do say so myself.) i remember the insertion of the iv and taping the monitors to my chest and sides. i remember being asked to roll over on my left side and something about demerol and something being added... to... my... iv... snore! then i remember waking up in recovery with jeremy. all of those things are factual.

things that may or may not be true (i was on drugs - remember that):
1. that i didnt fall asleep right away and they had to give me more demerol! woot woot!
2. that i asked the doctor about going off my meds and he said only if i want the colitis to flare up.
3. that i was mumbling something to the nurses in the procedure room about how the inside of my colon (they have a monitor in the room) looks like something...??? i dont make good analogies when i am drugged. also i wasnt wearing my glasses so i am pretty sure i couldnt see the monitor anyways. which leads me to believe that although it is highly likely that i was mumbling in my sleep, i was not even forming real words, much less humorous analogies.

the doctor will be calling me sometime next week to tell me the results of my biopsies and i will ask him then, when i am fully sober, what his opinion on my going off or at least further decreasing my meds is.

after the procedure we came home and slept off the drugs (jeremy slept in solidarity with my situation) then woke up in time to eat lunch and watch kim on days of our lives. super fun. then we watched lucky number slevin which i hated at first but actually wound up being rather witty and entertaining. also josh hartnett is cute. dinner, the office, and back to beddy bye. nighty night!

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mommy said...

i am glad you are ok. sorry i have been so preoccupied with everything here. darlene and bill are here and bill goes fo rhis heart stuff tomorrow. i'll keep you posted. loveyoubye