Wednesday, November 5, 2008

shower pressure

one of those things you take for granted until it is gone. we have enjoyed great shower pressure at both of our apartments in la. our new one has some temperature control issues but we were learning to deal with it. all of the sudden, last week (after the water being shut off unexpectedly for the 7th time since june), the shower pressure has dwindled to a gentle rainfall. which is nice if you want to enjoy the weather change, but not so nice when you are trying to rinse soap off your back and shampoo out of your thick long(ish) hair.and our temperature choices are burn-your-skin-off hot or ice-age cold. all of this makes for an extremely unpleasant situation in the mornings before coffee.

they told us it would be fixed by monday and it wasnt.

im cranky. apparently, i really rely on the water beating down on me to wake up.

they better fix it soon. the future of the free world is at stake.

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