Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas festivities

last weekend was the fourth annual shively cookie party. i baked shortbread as always, and took some of the peppernuts that grandma koci sent us because they are always a huge hit. we had a great time, ate some delicious chili and way too many cookies. we came home with a mix-y plate and have been snacking all week.

wednesday night was our live production christmas party, dessert potluck and white elephant gift exchange. jeremy took a fishing pole and came home with a headlamp from doug and i took a candle and came home with a scrapbook. we actually got things that we like and will use. some people got literal trash and that sucks. then we played the "slips of paper" game and had a roaring good time. shortbread was once again a hit.

christmas is fun at work too. our holiday party was last week and i couldnt stay as long as i wanted because of the show but it was a nice dinner and raffle. all week long people have been bringing in treats and gifts. lots of chocolate and holiday popcorn tins!!!! everyone at work starts asking around nov 1 when i am bringing in shortbread and peppernuts so this was the week for that. extra long morning breaks with coffee and tea and treats. could life get any better? i submit that it could if we werent at work but a girls gotta earn a living. money is freedom! ask marie from everybody loves raymond.

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