Thursday, December 25, 2008

jammie whammie partay

lance and kris hosted our first jammie whammie party (and my first co-ed pajama party ever) for christmas. we ate a fabulous dinner on her china (at a beautifully set table - way to go momma gibson for teaching that home ec class... right kris?) in our jammies then watched fred claus, that was a pretty funny movie. it was the only one everyone would agree on since some of us (me) dont particularly care for elf or its a wonderful life) and others (lance) dont like a christmas story. no one had seen fred claus yet so it was perfect. everyone had a great time and it was super relaxing. the best part was coming home and getting straight in bed without having to change!

lance won the prize for most festive costume. kris is one lucky girl.

owen won for most at home in his pjs since we see him in them all the time.

the shivelys are keeping cricket for us this week. we took her over yesterday and i thought

i kept hearing her scratch at the door all night asking to be let in from the cold rain. i missed my cat hat!

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