Monday, December 22, 2008

cricket's playdate

since we are going out of town for a week we need to find someone to watch cricky while we are in florida. it is hard because most people are out of town for christmas. thankfully ryan and kim are staying in town and they have a cat, harley. they so graciously agreed to babysit while we are gone. last monday jeremy and i took cricket over there for a little playdate to see how the cats got along. cricket loved harley's brand of catnip, was a little bit scared of the electric litter box, and wanted to play with harley. harley wasnt as excited to have a strange cat in her space. cricket tried to sniff her and play with her while harley hissed, albeit rather anemically and half hearted. it wasnt until cricket came all the way into harleys face while she was semi cornered in the kitchen that anything exciting happened. poor clawless harley took a swipe at cricket and cricket hit back. cricky poo still has her claws though. we separated them and neither was hurt. harley went and hid in her cabinet for the rest of the night while cricket played with her toys. the funny thing about the way cricket hit her was with her paws curled in slightly - the way she does when jeremy is playing with her. i think she thought harley was playing with her. kind of awesome.

hopefully they get along when cricket is hanging out over there.

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