Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christine's baby shower

last weekend kim, kris and i randomly all wore black to a baby shower. when we got there, lots of other people were wearing black too. not super festive for a baby shower, completely appropriate for a funeral. i guess we were mourning the loss of doug and christine's freedom and sleep? :) the best was we all went to target for our gender nuetral baby shower wrapping paper and we matched!

we played some fun games, including one where teams fo two had to find pictures from magazines of what we thought the baby would look like grown up. since none of us knew if it was a boy or girl, the collages turned out to be very interesting... holly and i made a boy - we were the only ones. we made him bringing flowers to christine, his mom, for mother's day. she picked us as second place, but the first place people (kris and kim) had already won prizes so we got to pick candles - i got one that matched my house. yay!

christine and doug got some really good stuff and we all had a blast. holly made a pretty awesome cake. i made my first granny squares blanket (crocheting). i am very happy with how it turned out.


Fair Weather Runner said...
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Fair Weather Runner said...

Ummmm, is it just me that finds it creepy that Lance is in the dark hallway staring out at all of you??!! At leaset he doesn't have the 'stache still, that would have been creepier.

mommy said...

wow that afghan is beautiful. i love it. yo did a great job babe. loveyoubye