Wednesday, November 12, 2008

malibu camping: the second edition

jeremy and i went out to pt mugu state park this past weekend for anoth camping trip. we headed out friday afternoon and the sandbergs joined us saturday at lunchtime. when we arrived friday afternoon the sun was already setting so we drove around and picked our spot (only a few spots away from the spot we had last time!) and told the ranger whic one we were in. when we turned around the loop again to park and unload there were two cars parked in the middle of the road with green stuff coming out of one of them. we managed to squeeze past (i love our subcompact yaris!!!!!) and park and started setting up the tent and getting stuff out for dinner etc. while watching the drama unfold between the two carfuls of people who had been in an accident. a big truck with two women and their dogs (dog friendly camping - kia sandberg came and it was fun!) backed into a jeep cherokee with teenagers/college aged kids (i was prolly only a couple years older than them but the way they were acting was waaaay more childish than i ever acted in college so they seemed like kids) and the jeep was leaking antifreeze and the front bumper was dented. the kid took several pictures of the accident and they exchanged insurance information. he called his gma or friends or somebody and was whining about how his car was totalled (it SO wasnt) and he needed a ride and was waiting for the police blah blah blah. he was SO annoying. over an hour after the accident had actually happened he finally walked over to the ranger station (a whole 3 minute walk) and told them about the accident and asked them to call CHiPs. by this time our tent was set up and i was cooking dinner while jeremy was blowing up our mats and arranging our bags (setting up house). at least an hour after this the CHiPs finally arrived.

please keep in mind that this asshole kid (there is really no other way to describe him) REFUSED to move his jeep out of the road. this is a one way road so he was basically blocking EVERYONE in. it was ridiculous. we had to move our car and people had to offroad to get around him. he kept saying "you have to go around. my car is totalled and i am waiting for the police." this is also after the lady who backed into him said "it was my fault and my insurance will pay for it." there were no injuries. he was just being annoying to all of us.

when the CHiPs arrived the first thing they did was ask if they had exchanged insurance information. check. the two officers looked at each other like why the hell did we have to drive all the way out here then? then they made him move his car. then they took some photographs and left. they were there for about 15 minutes. and it prooly took them at least 30 minutes each way to get to the park. great use of our resources stupid jeep driver. the truck lady had waited around this entire time to be nice even though there was no legal obligation for her to do so. as soon as the CHiPs took her statement she went off to her campsite to set up her tent in the dark.

then the tow truck arrived to get the jeep (and the kids, thank god) out of there. we had finished dinner, cleaned up and were just sitting by the fire, drinking and watching. it was total redneck entertainment. when all the excitement had died down, we went to bed. it was 7:30. yep. i love camping!

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Eboni said...

So… you have enjoyed a wonderful camping trip…. congrats.