Tuesday, November 25, 2008

flowers and thorns

when i worked in ford hall we used to have staff meetings and we would go around the circle and say one happy thing and one bad thing that happened that day or week. there were all sorts of cutesy little names like flowers and thorns or rainbows and stormclouds etc. kinda lame.

jeremy fixed the shower so now we have better water pressure than before. my showers last night and this morning were amazing. totally changed my outlook on life.

i have 1.5 days of work left until a four day weekend.

i woke up today with a headache. nothing worse than that. i had a really crappy night of sleep i guess.

i got a flat tire on my way to work today on my bike. bah. i have to walk the bike home and thankfully jeremy knows how to fix it or replace it or whatever. he sure is handy!

in other news, which could fall under the thorn category i guess but is a really long story: several years ago, when the series had just come out, i drank the twilight koolaid. i own all the books in hardcover and waited ever so patiently for the fourth book to come out, devoured it in a day (thats an 800 or so page book!) and was ever so slightly disappointed by the way it ended. i am not planning to see the movie because i think the guy who plays edward looks ridiculous and has stupid hair. maybe i will rent it to avoid the hoardes to teenage girls who cheer everytime he does anything on screen (this actually happened to a friend of mine. im not making this stuff up). anyways, i am still ever so slightly obsessed by the series and am planning a re-read as soon as i get back the books i have out on loan. so when i heard that stephenie meyer was rewriting book one (twilight) from edward's perspective and calling it midnight sun, i was ecstatic. something to look forward to. yay!

my friend cara (another obsessive compulsive reader like myself) saw that ms. meyer had posted chapter 1 of midnight sun on her website and read it, then encouraged me to do the same. i resisted knowing that once i pop i just cant stop and it would be worse to read part and then have to wait. then, yesterday, i was reading a news article about the movie and they mentioned that stephenie had indefinitely postponed the release of midnight sun. say it aint so! so i went to her website and read all about it. someone leaked a copy of a manuscript she was working on and now she feels like she isnt "alone" with the book and lots of pressure so she is going to wait a few years (!) and try again. in the menatime she posted the leaked copy on her site so i had to read it. i couldnt stop myself.

the thorn in all of this (or the biggest thorn) is that the manuscript only goes until about the middle or so of twilight. although i obviously know what happens from bella's perspective, it is so interesting to hear what edward has to say... and now i wait. and wait. for the clamor to die down, for stephenie meyer to write anything else (her stand alone novel the host was great too- no vampires, just aliens that steal people's brains. doesnt it sound completely ridiculous? but it is SO good!), for something great to happen and the rest of midnight sun to magically appear.

i always feel like i am waiting for something. looking ahead and being excited about future things isnt wrong but spending too much time dwelling on that stuff can prevent living in the moment. my yoga teacher told us to pay attention to our posture. some people lean back when they sit, some people lean forward, some poeple sit straight up. it can be indicative of your thoughts - do you dwell in the past, look to the future, or live in the here and now? i am definitely a forward leaner. what are you?


Becca said...

I also think the guy who plays edward looks stupid. And I agree, the fourth book was very anti-climatic. I haven't read the book on the website though. I'm trying to stay away.

Aunt Norma said...

Meggers, when I was growing up, if I said Oh I can't wait til whatever, mom would say that I was wishing my life away. So I agree with the yoga teacher. Be present. But as a disclaimer, mom would always tell me not to worry about some awful thing that happened today because I would need my strength for the really horrible thing thtat would happen tomorrow. She was so funny. I miss her.