Wednesday, November 5, 2008

rain rain (seriously) go away

saturday was our friends', sarah and jason, wedding day. we were asked to go out to the university where they were getting married on saturday morning and help set up the tables and chairs etc and decorate. the wedding was to be held outside the building where mosaic has its offices and near where the pasadena campus meets. her dad made a sign to hang over the address on the building. so cool.

we spent serveral hours in the morning hauling stuff, winding fabric around the trees, moving food to the kitchen (including many many many flats of bottled water), etc. (this was after jeremy and i had been up until 3 am on halloween night). by lunch time we were tired and sore and hungry so we came home to eat and shower/get ready and rest. oh and to watch kstate get slaughtered by ku. incredibly depressing. we got dressed and headed back for the afternoon ceremony.

everyone here knows that it rains about 20 days of the 365.25 in a year. what are the odds that one of those days would be their wedding day? as everyone took their seats for the ceremony it started sprinkling. then raining harder and harder. finally we all had to go into one of the nearby buildings for shelter while all the men set up tents and moved all the reception stuff we spent the morning setting up inside. eventually the rain stopped and sarah still wanted to get married outside so the guys all dried of the chairs and we trooped back out and re-sat down. they got the ceremony going and right after they said their vows it started sprinking again. umbrellas popped up all over the place. thankfully this bout didnt last too long. sarah and jason were so happy and had amazing attitudes about the whole process.

sarah's dad perf
ormed the ceremony and when he asked if jason would take this woman and sarah would take this amn and they both said "i will" he said "AWESOME!" which was hilarious. after the ceremony (they did a unity sand art instead of lighting a candle which was cool) we moved inside for the cake and other desserts and the dance etc. jeremy took his turn during the dollar dance but we werent able to dance together at all. i was majorly disappointed. after the bridal party dances were over the dj played all fast songs and weird songs. (and some really inappropriate songs like promiscuous girl. seriously???? and big pimpin but NOT the edited version. which is fine for chillin in your car with the subs pumpin but not so cool when there are kids and grandmas listening). no slow songs, no swing songs, no linedancing songs. it really sucked. the best part of their reception was a photo booth where you go in and it takes four pictures that print out in a strip just like normal photo booths at the mall or wherever but the cool thing about this was it printed out two strips so they could keep one for their scrapbook and we could put one on our fridge. yay! this picture of us was after we got home. my face is weird. i was so tired and cranky after being on my feet almost all day, in the rain for most of it (it was sprinkling in the morning too) and sad that i didnt get to dance with jeremy. plus at the very end right before we did the sparkler exit, we took a group picture and the poeple i was standing next to were really rude. and the photographer kept changing her mind about what she wanted us to do. HOWEVER, the photos of the bridal party are insanely good. you can see them here. seriously. even if you dont know them, look at their pictures. awesome. sarah looked so gorgeou (like she doesnt in everyday life - yeah right).

thats it. in spite (or prolly because of) the rain, the wedding was gorgeous and there was an amazing sense of community among everyone attending. it was cool. and im so happy for them and that they are finally married!

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