Thursday, December 11, 2008

tuesday night

tuesday was a big night for us. jeremy's uncle mike was in town on business so we got to meet him for dinner. we ate in the hotel restaurant, a fancy french place. i had jidori chicken and it was amazing! jeremy and mike both got snapper in clam sauce (not mdf!). for dessert i had strawberry soup and it was yummy. it was so nice to see him and get caught up on some of the family news.

after we left dinner we headed to the mint becuase justin was in town playing with whitney duncan. we got there way early (they went on at 10 and we got there shortly after 8) and a guy that we know from mosaic, christopher wray, was playing. that was a fun surprise. whitneyduncan was a fun show - she is pop rock/country. we hung out with the band a little bit after the show and it was nice to see justin. it is weird that i wind up seeing him more than i see anna but still fun. the best part of the night (not for her prolly though) was that anna was still awake after the show was over (it was really really ridiculously late her time) and after justin talked to her i got to sing her to sleep. i bet that was the best night of sleep she ever had.

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