Tuesday, January 13, 2009

why is it so hot here?

we had to run the air con last night. completely ridiculous. it is january for pete's sake! why is it over 80 degrees? while i am not a huge fan of cold weather i dont mind wearing my hoodies and jeans comfortably a few months out of the year. now i have to dig out all my tank tops. sheesh.

i had my first meeting for the academy awards on sunday. i am SO excited for this february. the show is the day after my birthday (last year it was on jeremy's birthday so we didnt have any great celebration until march). i guess if i could get this heat wave to come back show week when i am standing outside from 10pm until 7am that would be great! there is a limit to how many layers a girl can put on and still move comfortably. :)

there is a distinct possibility that i will work out every night this week (if you count ice skating on friday night as a workout) which is pretty amazing. tonight is a swimming night so i have to make the trek over to the universal city gym. it isnt that much farther away but it always seems like so much more of a hassle to go there. it is bigger nicer and newer than our little gym in sherman oaks but it also attracts a lot more of the industry see and be seen types. if you only come to the gym to wear a crop top and prance around get off the damn treadmill and let me have a turn and actually sweat! not that its a big deal or anything... at least it is cooler so all the people who were in the pool all summer to show off their new bikinis and chiseled abs are too wimpy to take up one of the three lanes so that those of us who are actually swimming laps have a place to be.

another interesting feature of the universal gym is the sauna. i read an article in a health magazine that said going in the sauna after cardio workouts can help you increase lung capacity faster. so after i bike and swim tonight i plan on hitting the sauan. since i swim first, i just wear my swim suit in there. some people go in there with all their workout clothes on including socks. i dont know how they dont pass out from the heat! i cant og in there without thinking of the seinfeld episode (i think it featured teri hatcher) where they are all wondering if she is all-natural or surgically enhanced and jerry makes elaine go in the sauna with her to try to figure it out and she trips and winds up groping teri. needless to say i watch my step very carefully while in there!

"by the way, they are real and they are fabulous" one of the best seinfeld quotes ever, after "these pretzels are making me thirsty" love it! jeremy bought us the seinfeld scene it game. party mode on that thing can keep us entertained for hours!

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