Thursday, January 22, 2009

american idol what?

yesterday afternoon after i go thome from work i turned on the tv to watch the dvr-ed episode of american idol from tuesday night. as it is still audition time, there was the usual mix of freaks, earnestly bad singers, and pretty good singers, psychos, and sad stories. the very last contestnat they showed was kai, who is a devoted son to his ailing mother blah blah good tv blah blah. he was a pretty good singer and made it to hollywood. yay for him. call your mom and tell her. wait! first, let the producers cue "i can only imagine" to play in the background. wait... what???

weirdest outro music on american idol ever. didnt even really fit his story, especially since they played the entire song and all the lyrics.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

RIGHT?! I totally agree. I was watching it and working at the same time and had to stop what I was doing to stare in disbelief at the TV. I turned to Ed and was all, seriously? That is just awkward. What made them choose that song?! Well, glad I'll have someone to talk about AI with this season. I haven't watched last nights yet, so no telling!