Thursday, January 29, 2009

well that was fun!

jeremy called me aound noon and said hey tim and miranda are in town. wanna hang out with them tonight? of course they picked the one night of this week we didnt have anything already planned so it was perfect!!!

after work i came home and started watching last nights american idol - the tryouts from salt lake city. man those producers are SO emotionally manipulative. they already know who they want you to vote for. sheesh. so far no one has really struck my fancy. i havent started watching tonights episode yet.

so, after jeremy got home we drove down to universal citywalk and tried to eat at hard rock but it was loud and had poor service so we would up at buco di beppos which had great service and was delicious. and quiet enough so that we could have actual conversation. the last time we saw them miranda was still pregnant so it has been a while.

we had a great time catching up and i enjoyed just watching adessa, who, like me, missed her nap today, but she was SO well behaved. and funny. she can say "meaghan" and "jeremy" really well. it is pretty cute. i love kids. other peoples kids. for now. someday i hope i love my own kids.

the night ended too soon but they had to drive home and we had to pack or our ski trip so it couldnt be helped. for a random phone call on a thursday, our night was pretty fantastic. my only regret is that i forgot i had my camera in my purse. we could have taken some fun pictures.

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