Tuesday, January 27, 2009

book challenge

i am venturing into the new territory of book challenges. basically, people all over host them and they all have different parameters and timelines.

the first one i am trying out is the banned book challenge 2009. i have challenged myself to read 15 books from the banned or challenged list between feb 22 and june 30. i have already picked the books i am interested in reading but a lot will depend on the library's availability during that time period. some are classics and some are newer. part of the challenge is to post book reviews on my blog so you all will get to hear which books i am reading and what i thought about them. i know you can barely control yourselves until feb 22. well me either (but mostly because thats oscar day!)


Mandy said...

That idea is perfect... CA is on my list of places to go and hanging out with you is HIGH on the list of people to visit... PLUS watching chick flicks with you while enjoying a pomegranate martini sounds amazing! Love you friend!

Han said...

On Mandy's comment- also try Pomegrante wine. Really, pretty good!

And I'm jealous. Our library has one row of books for each section. Hate it.