Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i got up an hour early, ate breakfast, and went running with a friend from work and her roommate. it felt really good and it was cool enough to not be sweating like a pig but not cold. we were super safe (safety in numbers AND i was armed with pepper spray AND no one else is awake and out at 6:30am). ny adreneline is fading and around lunchtime i am going to crash. the good news is now i dont have to anything when i get home except cook dinner and drink. :) no driving to the gym and fighting for a treadmill, no getting there early so i can get my spot for a class. so yay for that. we are running again in the morning. hopefully this is something that becomes a part of my regular routine.

i have another new years resolution that i didnt think of right at the beginning of the year but that i have been keeping so far. i want to cook something new at least once a week. i am bored with the same old food (seriously my cart at tjs was the exact same every week - all healthy and tasty stuff but cmon.) so we have been trying new stuff. tonight i am making tabbouleh with roast beef. super excited. i get to use some herbs from my garden for it. yay! last night we had lemon garlic chicken and cauiflower, both new recipes. and i found this great recipe for a vegetable soup that makes a giant batch then i froze it in four parts and thaw, add a few new ingredients, reheat, bam dinners ready and healthy and easy. love it!!!!

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