Thursday, January 8, 2009

this week

oh it was hi ho back to work i go on monday. ick. started off the week with three days of IEPs. its enough to make a girl crazy! last night kris, kim and i met at the gym while our husbands plus dan played racquetball. treadmill and bike - we are training for our next triathlon! i signed up last week, kim signed up last night and i think kris did too. this one will be shorter than our other one so i am super excited. plus, the best past is that the swimming portion will be in a pool instead of the freezing cold and full of huge clumps of seaweed that try to drown a person pacific ocean. :D

cricket is happy to have us back and for a while was being really snugly but now has settled back into her normal cuddle with jeremy while hes awake and with me while i am sleeping routine. oh well... i gotta get my affection where i can. she is very intrigued by the plants we are growing in our aerogarden. she loves eating green things. apparently dill can be harmful to small animals so of course that is one of the plants in a front corner for easy access. great. hopefully she sticks to gnawing on the basil and thyme and mint. so far the plants are all to small to eat but the automatic light is very intriguing to her. 10:45 every night when it goes off she jumps. awesome! kim said the entire time cricket was staying with them she never got used to their automatic litter box. whenever the machine would start whirring and scrape the litter she would run over and watch it, both intrigued and terrified. hilarious!

only two more days of work and i am excited for the weekend! i have great workout plans, a meeting for the academy awards, and plans to go shopping and unload as much of my christmas money as possible. everyone has to do their part to boost the economy you know?

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Fair Weather Runner said...

We've gotten "kitty grass" from Petco for our cats to nibble on, maybe that will help deter her!