Tuesday, January 20, 2009

huntington library

you may find it strange that our martin luther king day adventure was to a library (especially since the actual library, which was a gorgeous and more importantly HUGE building was actually closed) but it is just called that. we really visited the botanical gardens at the huntington library. over 120 acres of awesomeness. there was a whole desert scape, and since cacti are my favorite plant maybe, it was great. we saw all kinds of cacti that i had never heard of or seen before. there was also a huge japanese and chinese garden, including a whole outdoor room of bonsai, another plant that fascinates me. anyone reading this who lives in the los angeles area and has never been, you HAVE to go to these gardens. there were also several art galleries we didnt get to go to, a rainforest, a children's garden (we avoided that just by listening to the shrieking children and cringing, then running tin the opposite direction), a bog, rose gardens, and an amazing herb garden.

after wandering around the gardens for a couple hours, we went to the rose garden tea room and had tea. lots of yummy sandwiches, fruit, and scones. seriously i was in heaven. also i didnt have to work on a monday and thats always good.

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